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Greetings, I'm Chanchira, but you're welcome to call me 'NOIDEAW.' With over two decades of experience as a freelance local tour guide in the captivating city of Chiang Mai, I've decided to embark on an exciting new journey with FreeWalk. Why, you may wonder? It's because I'm on a quest for fresh experiences that will challenge me to grow, allowing me to share the fascinating stories of my beloved hometown with renewed vigor.

I'm not just your guide; I'm your storyteller, cultural companion, and eager friend on this remarkable journey. Chiang Mai isn't just a destination; it's a canvas for creating remarkable experiences, and together, we will paint a tapestry of unforgettable memories.

So, whether you're an inquisitive traveler or a fearless explorer, I am eagerly looking forward to the shared moments we will create amidst the beauty of Chiang Mai. Join me, and let's craft stories that will be cherished for a lifetime!

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24 May 2024 Vienna
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

It was all amazing and perfect

31 Mar 2024 Nottingham
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Travelled in couple - Mar 2024

Only the two of us but that made the whole experience so much more enjoyable and tailored to our interests. Chanchira is an excellent guide with detailed knowledge of Chiang Mai, its history, buildings and culture. Highly recommended,

02 Feb 2024 Catriel
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Travelled alone - Jan 2024

Chanchira tiene mucho conocimiento. Fue muy solidaria y amable, ya que me descompuse en el tour por una baja de presión y se solidarizó conmigo. Lamento no haber podido finalizarlo pero me sentía muy mal. Gracias por tu ayuda!! Muy bueno tu recorrido!

01 Feb 2024 London
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Travelled alone - Jan 2024

NOIDEAW Was so informative about the temples and the culture. Learnt so many new and interesting things. She was kind and friendly willing to answer any questions. Would recommend to anyone new to Chiang mai and would like a tour around.

16 Dec 2023 Florence
Verified booking
Travelled in group - Dec 2023

San was a wonderful guide! He was so knowledgeable about the city and history. He was considerate and answered all our questions like a star! 3 hours was not enough with our lovely San! Can’t recommend him enough!

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