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Amy 23 Sep 2023
Yorktown Heights

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Travelled in couple - Sep 2023
It was absolutely pouring rain in the hour leading up to our tour. Thierry kept in close communication with us and was at the meeting point on time. We were the only guests to brave the weather, which continued to improve the entire time, and our guide was cheerful, interesting and a joy to be with! Definitely try him for the Latin Quarter tour when you are in Paris!
Paris free tour: The Historic Center in 2 hours!
Ivana 22 Sep 2023

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Travelled in group - Sep 2023
Was great!!
Free Tour of Montmartre in German
Brahmleen 15 Sep 2023

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Travelled in family - Sep 2023
Thank you for an amazing tour. Dor has put in great effort to create this tour and it shows. Well researched and equally well executed.
Trying macaron and essentials of Paris with history and anecdotes! 🤩
Cecilia 04 Sep 2023
Buenos Aires

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Travelled in couple - Sep 2023
Fue un placer tener a Adriana como guía. Tenía mucho conocimiento del barrio latino como también de Paris, su arquitectura, su historia, la vida y las costumbres del Paris del pasado y presente! La super recomiendo a Adriana como guía
Latin Quarter
Gabriel 23 Aug 2023

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Travelled alone - Aug 2023
Excelente todo, muy interesante el tour, Miguel le pone todo de si para que sea divertido, entretenido y se encarga de sacarte de dudas y aporta muchísima información histórica, lo super recomiendo!
Free tour of the beautiful Latin Quarter of Paris
Antoine 21 Aug 2023

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Travelled in couple - Aug 2023
Very nice walkaround of Paris center with Thomas stories and his personal insights 😍
Marvellous Paris Centre - Free wlaking tour with a local
Maite 19 Aug 2023

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Travelled in couple - Aug 2023
Visita imprescindible para entender Versalles y todo lo que se escondía tras esos jardines y esas paredes. La visita fue súper divertida, amena, ilustrativa. Yo casi me imaginé en una de las fiestas de Luis XIV! Luzía es maravillosa, amable, sabe muchísimo de historia y lo mejor es cuando te cuenta los chascarrillos de la época... Realmente te traslada a esos momentos. Aprendimos mucho y lo pasamos genial. No dejéis de hacerla. Mucho exito Luzía! Aritz y Maite
Discover the Secrets of the Gardens of Versailles
Kjetil 17 Aug 2023

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Travelled alone - Aug 2023
Really enjoyed the tour. A real nice guy. A great variety of sites. Never knew there was so many ‘hidden’ venues, to enjoy an evening. Especially interesting the South Pigalle area. I was surprised by a negative review by some one who claimed he was biased against the LGPT+ community. I asked him about it. He claims there was a misunderstanding and he 100% supports gay rights. I can’t stand bigots, so this was important for me.
Pigalle district - past and present day night life
malena 11 Aug 2023

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Travelled alone - Aug 2023
Excelente !he apreciado más cosas de la que yo esperaba con una excelente explicación.Una persona que es altamente recomendable y cualificada a su trabajo.
Free night tour in Montmartre, the Bohemian Paris

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