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The Micaco Route

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  • Badalona
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About the tour

The route, which usually lasts between an hour and an hour and a half, we start in the subway hall of Pompeu and Fabra. We found a series of images of the Dimoni. It is an emblematic figure of the city. There are a series of photographs that show the image of this figure from 1940 to the present. During the May Holidays, specifically on May 10 is when the "Cremada del Dimoni" takes place. From this meeting we will go to the Pont del Petroli, another emblematic place in the city. On the route we will also know more points of interest such as the Anís del Mono Factory and the new Badalona, with its port promenade opens more if the city fits to the sea. We will conclude by approaching the old CACI factory (auxiliary company of Commerce and Industry), currently reformed externally, there was talk of revitalizing it as a new comic and illustration museum (?). Modernist Building (1899). The word Micaco (loquat) is typical of Badalona, but of Japanese origin. In this city to say micaco is to say the dance of the micaco, bars, restaurants ... I can adapt to almost any schedule, if you are interested in doing the tour in another day or time, it is a matter of speaking it. A brief summary of the wikilock tour: Hiking/badalona-28056474

Meeting point
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How to find me: I will be in the lobby of Pompeu I Fabra, exit Martí i Pujol. I will carry in my hand a turquoise handkerchief from the festivities of Badalona
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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