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Madrid: May 2, 1808

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  • Madrid
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About the tour

Madrid, year 1808. The French army has asked Spain to pass through its territories in order to conquer Portugal, but it is a trap and Spain is conquered by the French on March 23. Carlos IV is forced to abdicate and Fernando VII, his son, is proclaimed by the French as the new king, but it was simply a head of a Turk, because that was not the objective of Napoleon Bonaparte. Later, both Carlos IV and Fernando VII were forced to go to Bayonne (France) where they would abdicate to leave the Spanish crown in the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte's brother: José Bonaparte. Only one member of the royal family remained in the Royal Palace of Madrid: the infant Francisco de Paula Antonio de Borbón. The people of Madrid knew the intention of the French army, they knew they were going to take the reins of the crown, getting rid of each and every member of the royal family. So when it began to dawn on May 2, a crowd concentrated around the Royal Palace, with the intention of preventing the last royal member from being taken to Bayonne. What happened? Join me to know first hand what happened. Don't you like the tours of the "typical places"? Do you want to know how the May 2 Survey took place in Madrid? Well, join me on this fantastic tour and enjoy a little known Madrid, even by the locals themselves. We will visit important places of the city: Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol, Congress of Deputies, Prado Museum, Monument to the Fallen by Spain. And we will know first hand the most outstanding events in Madrid during May 2, 1808. Additional information: - It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes. - Go 15 minutes before the start of the tour to confirm reservations. - The tour lasts 2 hours. - With less than 5 people the tour will not take place. - In case of rain the tour would take place, it would not be cause for cancellation. - On Sundays there will only be tours if groups of at least 10 people leave. - If for any reason, you must cancel the reservation, it is necessary to notify at least one day in advance (please, this point is very important). Transportation: Metro: Opera station lines 2 and 5 Cercanías: Sol station lines C3 and C4

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How to find me: Next to the monument of Felipe IV on horseback. You will recognize me because I carry a black backpack with Mickey Mouse ears.
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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