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The Vienna of Chris W Gatt

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About the guru Christian

I am Chris, taker of blurry pictures.

I am Chris, taker of blurry pictures.

About the tour

Chris W Gatt is an ordinary Austrian and always ready to show you the ordinary parts of Vienna. You can discover the historical center with your guidebook. This tour will instead lead you through the hidden sidestreets and busy thoroughfares outside the Ring road. Prepare to be dazzled by the places that Chris W Gatt's life revolve around, primarily Chris' apartment block and unemployment office. There might still be one or more noteworthy sights for you to take selfies in front of and mention on postcards to your loved ones on the way. Take this tour. Chris W Gatt would.

Sidenote: Giving tours on history and architecture without having obtained a license by following a two-year course is illegal in the medieval guild economy that is Austria and carries a fine of up to 8000 €. Consequently, you may learn a bit on Austrian history and architecture, but the learning will be unstructured, accidental and without guaranteed veracity.

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How to find me: At the corner in front of the make-up store, perhaps wearing a neon yellow shirt
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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