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National wine tasting tour

Duration: 2h
Languages: English, Russian
Guru: Emin
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Dear travelers, I welcome you to my hometown of Baku, where I was born and raised. My name is Emin. I love Baku: its windy climate, its magnificent architecture, its mystical history, and its welcoming people. I live in the city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. I can organize tours and accommodation in Azerbaijan. I can create private and group tours as business or travel to other regions of Azerbaijan such as Sheki, Qabala, Shamaxi, Quba, Lankaran and others. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Tour description

If you will be in Azerbaijan for a short time and want to taste Azerbaijani wines that have spread to many regions of our country, dating back to the 2nd millennium BC, without leaving Baku, without wasting valuable time on long and tedious trips, you can taste a wide range of local wines, then this wine tour is fully designed for you. During the tour, in small groups, you will visit one or more wine tasting bars in the city centre, depending on your choice, taste local wines of your choice with the explanation and presentation of a local guide, have an interesting discussion about local wines and their production. This is a unique tasting experience which will be held at one of the local wine bars, where you have chance to taste and order almost all types of local wines of our farmers make unbelievable wine from a different type of grapes. At the same time, you will have a chance to learn from the locals the way of life, worldview and attitude of the country and its people to the events. At the end of the tour, you will receive detailed information on where you can get your favourite wines at affordable prices. The price of the tour includes guide service and wine selection tips, the amount for wine tasting will be paid separately to the restaurant. The average price per person varies from 15 to 35 azn, depending on the customer's choice. It is the smartest way to try Azerbaijani local wine sorts for travellers who are interested to do it at the heart of Baku city. İf you are the only registered to the tour please book until 1 hour before starting the tour.

Azerbaijani wine is produced in several regions throughout Azerbaijan. Prior to 20th-century communist rule, Azerbaijan had a thriving wine industry that dated back to the second millennium BC. Azerbaijan's long history of wine production was rediscovered at archaeological digs of settlements in Kültəpə, Qarabağlar and Galajig where archaeologists discovered stone fermentation and storage vessels that included residue and grape seeds dating back to the second millennium BC. The Ancient Greeks were well aware of wine production in the area by at least the 7th century BC according to Herodotus. Later Strabo would comment in the 1st century BC about an Azerbaijani wine known as Albania. Arabic historians and geographers—most notably Abu'l-Fida, Al-Masudi, Ibn Hawqal and Al-Muqaddasi - described the extensive viticulture around Ganja and Barda that was taking place even after the Islamic conquest of the area.

Since the fall of Communism and the restoration of Azerbaijani independence, ardent attempts have been made to revive and modernize the Azerbaijani wine industry. Today vineyards are found in the foothills of Caucasus Mountains as well and the Kur-Araz lowlands near the Kura River. In the 21st century, Ganja, Nagorno-Karabakh and Nakhchivan have emerged as centres of wine production in the region. Among the grape varieties used to produce Azerbaijani wine include Pinot noir, Rkatsiteli, Pinot blanc, Aligote, Madrassa, Podarok Magaracha, Pervenets Magaracha, Ranni Magaracha, Doina, Viorica and Kishmish Moldavski.Local grape varieties indigenous to Azerbaijan include White Shani, Derbendi, Nail, Bayanshire, Gamashara, Ganja Pink, Bendi, Madrasa, Black Shani, Arna-Gran, Zeynabi, Misgali, Khindogni, Agdam Kechiemdzhei, Tabrizi, and Marandi.

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  • Meeting point:
    Kiik Qala Bak Azrbaycan Bak Azerbaijan
    Kiik Qala Bak Azrbaycan Bak Azerbaijan
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    Sabir Garden,Near the Double Gates,in front of Mirza Alakbar Sabir's monument

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Olusola 11 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Apr 2024
Emin was great. He was very knowledgeable, gave a very thorough tour wine tasting and how to do it properly.
Glenn 29 Mar 2023
Abu Dhabi

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Mar 2023
Emin is an excellent guide! We visited 3 amazing wine bars in this beautiful city. He taught us about the wine culture here in Azerbaijani. Superb guide and tour!
Sheeja 05 Jan 2023

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Jan 2023
We had a great experience in our wine tasting tour with guru Emin. He made the tour very interesting and it was an absolutely informative and fun experience for us. We definitely learned a lot about wine and will carry those lessons with us always. I would defenitely recommend Emin and this tour.
yakov 15 Oct 2022
Petah Tikva

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Oct 2022
Nice wine place. Emin was very polite and funny. It was good time, relaxising and drink some fine wine.
Sophia 02 Nov 2019

It was a lovely place and good Azerbaijani wines are one of my favorite
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