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About the guru Toursexpert

We are a free tour company from Baku that will show you this wonderful city in a professional and funny way.

We are a free tour company from Baku that will show you this wonderful city in a professional and funny way.

About the tour

The people of Azerbaijan love to party, and the best place to soak in the electrifying Azerbaijan nightlife is Baku – the country’s effervescent capital city! As compared to other Azerbaijani cities, Baku nightlife emerges as an undisputed winner! The Azeri’s take their partying seriously, and this modern, cosmopolitan city leaves no stone unturned in feeding them with incredible nightlife opportunities.

Azerbaijan nightlife is synonymous to Baku nightlife, and whether you like it quiet or frenzied, there is no dearth of exciting options. From quiet, sophisticated bars where you can savour memorable conversations, to ostentatious Baku nightclubs where you can dance away till the early hours of dawn, this city has it all. A plethora of nightclubs have sprung up in the past decade, owing to the influx of expats – a major plus point for Baku tourism!

Among all cities in Azerbaijan is the most vibrant for its nightlife, ranging from clubs, bars, and discos to live music. Prices for food and drinks are reasonable in comparison to their American and European counterparts. Bars, Clubs and Discos are open until late in the morning, especially during weekends. In addition, Baku has a pulsating live music scene.

Majority of the action happens around the Fountain Square area, where most of the popular Baku nightclubs, pubs and bars are situated, including hotspots such as the Shakespeare, the Clansman, and O’Malley’s. If you’re looking for the quieter café-bars, the Boulevard is where you should head. For jazz lovers looking to experience the best of Azerbaijan nightlife, there’s the Baku Jazz Centre, which hosts concerts of upcoming jazz artists as well as famous jazz musicians.

Price for a pint of local beer in pubs starts from one manat. The two most popular kinds of local draft beer served in most of the pubs in Azerbaijan are Xirdalan and NZS.

Please note that the club bill can variate 25-150AZN according your choices. Most of night clubs open from 18:00pm to 02:00am.

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How to find me: In front of the fountain at Sabir garden,it is 50 meters downside from Sabir's statue.
Tour duration: 3 hours

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3 months ago

My friend convinced me to go on it with her and I actually had such an incredible time! I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had on the Baku Nightlife tour. Shout out to Emin for being an amazing host! We will be back!

2019 08 11 18.42.14

Response from Toursexpert:

Thank you for taking the time to write your review to share with our tourists.


3 months ago

The crew is unbelievable nice and funny. We had the best night ever ! The clubs are really good and we got to know so many people who also joined the tour. If you like to go out, you musn’t Skip this tour!

2019 08 11 18.42.14

Response from Toursexpert:

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4 months ago

İt was good local night club with pretty cheap prices



4 months ago

We went to a good local night club with live music and affordable prices.



4 months ago

We have been in a local bar with live have had a concert for that night which tickets cost 1 manat.İt was a great price for that type experience.



4 months ago

В ночном клубе, который мы посетили, была хорошая атмосфера, хорошая музыка и доступные цены.

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