Exploring Dubai's Thrills & Old Town Secrets: Unveil Unforgettable Experiences!"

Duration: 3h
Languages: English
Guru: Hesham
Quality Verified Registered on September 25, 2023

Commencing with my name, Hesham, and drawing from a rich tapestry of 12 years as a seasoned tour guide, my steadfast commitment is dedicated to crafting a captivating journey through the depths of my culture and history for esteemed guests. Driven by an unwavering passion for heritage and culture, supported by a robust background in language and literature, I proudly stand as a distinguished and adept narrator, curating an experience that is both enriching and captivating for those entrusted to my guidance.

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Tour description

Dubai Heritage Explorer: Revealing the past"

Explore the rich tapestry of traditional Dubai with a depth and ease that solo exploration may not allow. Instead of investing hours in exhaustive research on the must-see sights, activities and culinary delights of Old Dubai, trust our expert guide to streamline your trip, optimize your time and ensure a comprehensive experience.

With the guidance of our experienced expert, you will navigate the bustling souks with expert advice, gaining valuable insights into the local culture and making your shopping experience rewarding and eye-opening. Cross the Dubai Creek aboard an 'abra' water taxi, an authentic mode of transport that offers an authentic insight into the city's heritage. Explore the Dubai Museum, an iconic repository of the city's history, and stroll through the Al Fahidi neighborhood, a charming enclave steeped in tradition.

 Your culinary adventure will be equally enchanting, as you sample delicious street food, savor aromatic Arabic coffee, and participate in various tastings that encapsulate the flavors of the region. By trusting our expert guide, you can be sure of an immersive and comprehensive experience that will reveal the heart and soul of ancient Dubai.

What is included:

  •  Enjoy traditional Arabic coffee or local tea.
  • street food taste
  •   traditional boat ride in an Abra.
  •  Expert local guide.
  •  Informative commentary provided.
  •  Admission included for key attractions:
    •  Al Seef
    •  Dubai technology impact
    •  Bastakia neighborhood
    •  Al Fahidi Historic District
    •  Dubai Houses and Al Fahidi Fort
    •  Old Souk
    •  Bur Dubai Abra Metro Station
    •  Former Deira Souk Abra Station
    •  Dubai Spice Souk


1. Al Seef Duration: 30 minutes

 Start your journey at Al Seef, a vibrant destination stretching over 1.8 kilometers and steeped in Dubai's rich culture and heritage. Here you will find a charming atmosphere that perfectly fuses historical and contemporary elements. Designed as an exact replica of ancient Dubai, Al Seef offers a host of Instagram-worthy moments and a delicious array of culinary delights. Additionally, you will enjoy panoramic views of Dubai Creek, a truly iconic location not to be missed.

2. Dubai Creek Duration: 15 minutes

 Stroll along the banks of Dubai Creek, the heart and soul of the city, bounding Deira to the north and Bur Dubai to the south. Enjoy the stunning views this canal offers.

3. Bastakia neighborhood Duration: 20 minutes

 Your next stop is the Bastakia neighborhood, famous for its traditional regional architecture, lifestyle and hospitality. As you stroll through its labyrinthine alleys, you will find numerous cultural institutions and galleries that offer a captivating insight into Dubai's history and heritage.

4. Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood Duration: 15 minutes

 Step back in time and immerse yourself in the authentic Dubai of yesteryear in the historic Al Fahidi neighbourhood. This enclave features traditional houses, narrow winding streets and the ubiquitous wind towers, providing a deep connection to the history and traditions of the Emirates.

5. Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort Duration: 30 minutes

 Visit the Dubai Museum, located in the historic Al Fahidi Fort, an enduring structure since the 1780s. This fortification is a testament to Dubai's rich heritage.
note: Dubai Museum under the contractions and replaced with Alfahidi Fort 

6. Old Souk Duration: 30 minutes

 Test your negotiating skills in one of Dubai's oldest traditional markets, the Old Souk. Here you will find a variety of textile products, shawls and local snacks, all ready for exploration and negotiation.

7. Bur Dubai Abra Station Duration: 5 minutes

 At Bur Dubai Abra Dock, savor the gentle hum of the abra engines and the soothing sounds of the water's edge, creating a pleasant ambiance. The traditional wooden abras provide a unique experience when crossing Dubai Creek, setting the stage for a new adventure at Deira Spice Souk.

8. Deira Old Souk Abra Station Duration: 10 minutes

 Discover Dubai's oldest markets, including the famous Spice Souks and Gold Souk. These markets offer some of the best photo opportunities in the city.

9. Dubai Spice Souk Duration: 30 minutes

 Delve into the exotic Spice Souk with your expert local guide and enjoy a stress-free shopping experience. Learn about a variety of spices and enjoy food tastings amid bustling local markets.

10. Dubai Gold Souk (optional)

 If you wish, visit the Dubai Gold Souk, a testament to the city's love for exquisite jewellery, silver, precious stones and the ultimate expression of affection for your partner.

 This itinerary guarantees you explore the heart and soul of Dubai's heritage, culture and culinary delights, giving you a memorable and immersive experience.

Departure details:

  • Meeting point: Meeting point: Wokyo Noodle Bar - Al Seef AlHamriya, AlSeef, Heritage Village, P3, Shop 381 - Dubai, opposite of Ruler Court Main Gate beside Alseef Abra station.
  • Transportation: You can get to the meeting point by taxi.
  • Nearest metro station: Sharaf DG Metro Station on the Green Line Few minutes walk

Return details:

  • Tour Conclusion: The tour concludes at the Dubai Gold Souk in Deira.
  • Address: Dubai Gold Souk, Deira, Al Ras, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Return options: At the end of the tour, we can drop you off at the nearest metro station or taxi rank for your convenience.

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What will we visit on this tour?

  • Meeting point:
    AlHamriya, AlSeef, Heritage Village, ...
    AlHamriya, AlSeef, Heritage Village, P3, Shop 381 - دبي - United Arab Emirates
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    Meeting point: Wokyo Noodle Bar - Al Seef AlHamriya, AlSeef, Heritage Village, P3, Shop 381 - Dubai, opposite of Ruler Court Main Gate beside Alseef Abra station

  • 1
    Free admission
    Al Seef - Al Seef Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    At Al Seef, walkers will encounter a vibrant and historically rich destination. This cultural hub, spanning 1.8 kilometers along Dubai Creek, seamlessly combines heritage and contemporary elements.

  • 2
    Free admission
    Al Fahidi Historical - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Al Fahidi is a historic neighborhood in Dubai that serves as a living testament to the city's heritage and culture. Walkers exploring Al Fahidi can expect to: Step back in time as they wander through narrow winding streets and experience traditional Arabian architecture. Admire well-preserved wind towers, an iconic architectural feature in this area. Visit museums and cultural institutions that provide insights into Dubai's history and traditions. Encounter charming courtyards and hidden gems

  • 3
    Free admission
    Bur Dubai Souk Market - 34th Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Engaging in traditional market activities such as bargaining for textiles and local snacks. Discovering an array of shawls, textiles, and other goods for sale. Soaking in the lively and colorful atmosphere of one of Dubai's oldest markets. Immerging themselves in the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern culture and commerce. Sampling local flavors and experiencing the vibrant energy of Bur Dubai's market scene.

  • 4
    Free admission
    Abra Boat Service to Bur Dubai - Baniyas Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    A unique and authentic mode of transport, connecting Deira and Bur Dubai across the historic Dubai Creek. A short, scenic journey offering picturesque views of Dubai's skyline and waterfront

  • 5
    Free admission
    Dubai Spice Souk - 34th Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    A sensory journey filled with the fragrant scents of spices, herbs, and dried fruits. Exploring a wide variety of spices, from saffron and cardamom to cinnamon and cumin, all displayed in colorful stalls. The opportunity to purchase high-quality spices and ingredients for cooking, enhancing culinary adventures.

  • 6
    Free admission
    Gold Souk - Gold Souq - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Marveling at a dazzling array of gold jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more, often embellished with precious stones. An opportunity to browse through hundreds of stores showcasing intricate designs and craftsmanship. The chance to witness Dubai's deep appreciation for gold and its role as a symbol of wealth and affection.

How much does this tour cost?

Free tours do not have a set price, instead, each person gives the guru at the end of the tour the amount that he or she considers appropriate (these usually range from €10 to $50 depending on satisfaction with the tour).

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Fletcher 12 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Apr 2024
Such an amazing tour. Great that I did this on my first day in Dubai. Our tour guide was amazing! Such a fun morning and I learnt so much!
Patricia 10 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Apr 2024
Hesham was a very knowledgeable and engaging guide. Lots of info and a clear love of his country and of the area that we walked through. Would highly recommend.
Maria 06 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Apr 2024
We learnt so much about Dubai, Islam, the Emirates, history, geography, culture, traditions.. All the while discovering old Dubai and being amazed by its beauty, kind residents and some food treats too. Hesham is fantastic, great guide.
Erika 05 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in family - Apr 2024
Our family 2 adults and 3 kids had an amazing experience. We highly recommend this tour to everyone including families. Hesham is a true sample of an excellent tour guide!
Alla 04 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Apr 2024
Excellent tour! Hesham really went beyond our expectations. Fantastic storyteller, great dive in to the history and traditions. Really enjoyed it!
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