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As a photographer I really enjoy street photography and as a guide we can talk about the history and good recommendations in the city.

Come and enjoy the Blanca Mérida, a Colonial city in the middle of the Mayan world.

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George Bullis about 2 hours

Fernando was a good guide with a great energy and presence. I’m not a photographer but I do like my pictures to look good on social media so it was definitely a different take on a traditional tour. He has great ideas for unique photo locations Abbas angles that I wouldn’t have considered. A fun afternoon!

Jeffery about 1 hour

Such a fun tour, highly recommended! You learn a lot of history and get some great pics.

Garvey 12 days

Great little stories and legends shared. We could have walked while we talked a bit more so to see more of the city, but overall good tour and very friendly guide. Recommend!

Daniel Greenberg about 1 month

Amazing guide, with a nice twist on the traditional walking tour. He brought a lot of positive and friendly energy, and was very informative about both history and great photographic compositions! Highly recommended and he spoke English very well

Jeff 2 months

I took the photo walk with Fernando. He was an excellent guide with a lot of interesting stories from Merida history and great ideas for picture taking. Highly recommended!

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