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Havana is quite possibly one of the most special tourist destinations in the entire world. The Cuban capital receives thousands of tourists each year who are anxious to travel there to get to know the cuisine, the culture, and the local Cuban history which we are sure you’ll fall in love with. Its streets are a symphony of colors and scents of tropical fruit that will accompany tourists on their walks, while illustrating that its past is a relevant part of the future and is important to remember. 

To get to see the real Havana, it’s a great idea to uncover the hidden charms of this city with a local guide on a free walking tour. You can choose from several routes that will take you to discover some of the most iconic spots and interesting landmarks this city has to offer all while you get to immerse yourself in Cuban culture. Some free walking tours will take you by the Plaza de Armas, the National Hotel of Cuba, others allow you to walk along the Malecon or lose yourself in Old Town, and see the Cathedral that has some really unique views under its dome. There is also a Chinatown that is worth seeing, in addition to visiting the Castillo del Morro or the University.

The walkers (tourists on a guru walk) often leave their reviews and opinions about the free walking tours they have done. They evaluate the experience, from the route they chose to the guide and his or her tour and how well everything was explained. You can find other interesting cities with free walking tours lead by local guides on our page like Santiago de Cuba or Cartagena (Colombia).

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