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Food and more in a Limited Group

Your guru: Maria
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  • Athens
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About the guru Maria

Greece and Athens lover. Experience guide. Simple, I love what I am doing.

Greece and Athens lover. Experience guide. Simple, I love what I am doing.

About the tour

Wait for a message from Athens Free Food Tour CONFIRMATION. Allow bookings 24h in advance only, no booking for "today".

Get ready to find out why the Greeks are proud about their food. Get your taste buds dancing and taste the best local delicacies of Athens. Enjoy a real Greek eating adventure while strolling the beautiful streets of Athens with your unique guide.

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How to find me: Statue of Theseus at the little square of Thiseio across the Thiseio Metro station (green line)
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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A guruwalk is a pay-what-you want walking tour, which means, it's completely free to book and join the group, but the 'guru' expects to be rewarded once the tour ends. Some people give €10, some people give US‎$ 50, you choose the price.

For organizational purposes, it is mandatory to book the tour. Booking is completely free, fast and easy. Book your guruwalk now!

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10 hours ago

It was a realy great tour. We were a small group of only 3 people, so it was more or less a private tour. However Yorgos, our guide, was charming, very patient and answered all our questions. We got a lot of tips about various dishes we did not know, good restaurants, bakeries, places to purchase spices and herbs. At thd end of the tour we all had lunch together. A very recommended experience.

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Response from Maria:

We are really glad to read your praising and encouraging review, dear Galit. Thank you very much for your positive energy and your attendance. It was a wonderful morning. Have a safe and pleasant trip! AFFT team

Teresa Roca

13 days ago

El tour gastronómico con Georgios ha sido fantástico. No sólo hemos degustado comida variada griega sino que el guía también ha ofrecido explicaciones muy interesantes y detalladas de diferentes ámbitos de la cultura griega. Georgios ha sido amable, simpático y con sentido del humor a lo largo de nuestro recorrido.



18 days ago

The guide was George. He's probably a very nice guy but not a very good guide. The group was very small, 5 people, which good have been really great for stories and some personal attention, however, George didn't tell any interesting facts, or any light Most of the tour he talked about politics and the very bad state of the Greek economy, which might be right but not suited for a tour for people trying to have fun.

Any other time we would have left the tour way before the end, but since the group was so small it didn't feel right since we didn't want to offend the guide.

The guide payed for everything, including our coffee for some reason. And just split all the bills evenly between the 5 of us in the end.

There are some main issues with that, since some people ate much more or much less then others and no one was given a choice of anything.

Moreover, for lunch, the guide took us to a restaurant, ordered some dishes for the whole table. Joined us for lunch (invited himself) and then again split the bill between the 5 people in the tour without paying anything for himself. And of course expected a tip at the end, which he of course got but I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS TOUR OR THIS GUIDE

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Response from Maria:

Good morning Yana and thank you for giving us your feedback and giving us the opportunity to reply. First of all, we are sorry to realize that you hadn't read the tour information and description before you attended it. In the manual confirmation message always we send to our guests it is clear the way we make the tours and 99% of the people who join us are perfectly fine with that. There is no ambiguity in the details every traveler receives from us before the tour. Additionally your guide repeated the terms and asked all the attendees (including you of course) before any step he made. Everything was agreed already. You wonder why your guide paid for your coffee. As explained already, our guides pay for all the products (foods and beverages you order) because it is much more practical and they always keep all the receipts for the expenses. Your coffee as all the attendees' coffees, teas and foods are part of the tour and they are paid by us. You said that your guide didn't say anything interesting. First, that comment is quiet subjective and questionable. During our walks we share with our attendees knowledge and information on the stories of the city and the people, history of the city and the Greek gastronomy. This what your guide did, as well. If that was not interesting to you, it is respected by us but totally subjective from your own personal aspect. You complain for the guide didn't pay for his food?!? Our guides do not make a walk and then just go, as had been already explained. They stay with the guests, they communicate, they answer to your questions and they all share some time, food, experiences, thoughts, knowledge and fun. How can a guide be "uninvited" as you mentioned? That sounds even quiet mean as a comment. Hundred and hundreds of people from all over the world who join our events have shared their praising reviews and feedbacks and they have enjoyed some authentic experience with all our guides and especially your guide Giorgos, who mostly runs the English speaking events. He asked again all the attendees in your tour if you want to follow the Greek way of sharing - sharing time, food, drinks and knowledge. Around a table we build up a relation, a connection a little community. Giorgos always served you and helped you and gave you all the food you needed and wanted. We don't just order some individual dishes, eat and go. That would be neither communicative nor interesting or originally Mediterranean attitude. Still we ask before any step and the guests confirm and everybody really enjoys that. If you didn't want that you could simply refuse. We never force our guests for anything. As for the "choices". Our guides always ask from the very beginning over allergies or special diet needs the attendees might have. Your guide did the same multiple times and he asked you again if you want to make it easier and more relaxing for you (the attendees) and you all agreed and all the people prefer that way. This is why there is a guide who knows more than a visitor and he works on giving him the opportunity to relax and enjoy his vacations. He is responsible on finding the right places and people and products to please the visitors. That is what we do and what your guide, Giorgos did and you agreed when you were asked before. All the people praised the food which is fresh, handmade and delicious. Regarding the topics of conversation you didn't like. Our guides (including Giorgos) never open talks over politics, etc. It is not something suitable for a tour and it might cause disputes between the guests. Thus he didn't start such conversations, as well. If you remember, the rest of attendees asked him multiple times questions over the situation and the economy in Greece. Your guide just answered truthfully and kindly to the guests' questions upon life in Greece today. He kindly asked the other guests to close a conversation on politics and international relations they had started between them and he motivated them to change subject and "talk about something more interesting and funny than politicians". So, that comment of yours is unfair and one-dimensional, too. As for the tip, we never push or force our guests to offer tips. Never! You had been aware of the tips-based nature of the event and all the free events all around the world. Guruwalk charges two euros per person all the guides for all the events. Still we never force people to give tips and we never judge the amount of them, too. There are more answers to your review but we don't want to tire you and the readers with more words. Only a last comment from us. The tour is English speaking as you knew already. It is not considered polite from behalf of any guest to keep speaking his/her mother language, which might not be understood by the rest of people. For example our guides do not speak Greek or any other language in front of people who don't understand and they cannot participate. In a pluralistic company always is considered polite one common language to be used. Thus we speak always English, since it is an English speaking event and English speakers join it. By choosing to speak some other language insistently a guest does exclude the other people from the talks and doesn't help efficiently to the connection between people. Thank you very much for your time and your attendance. Have a beautiful day and a safe trip! Best regards, AFFT team


21 days ago

We enjoyed our Food tour with Katerina in Athens. She was very knowledgable and accommodating. For our group it felt like it was a private tour as we were the only ones on the tour. She knew a lot of facts about the history of Athens that she conveyed to us. We stopped for snacks along the way which we bought on our own. We did not need to dine together tour of the city market was very interesting. She gave us tips on where to go to see other areas of the city that were highly recommended. We were not of seen as much of the market or understood the history of the surrounding area had been up on on the tour. Katerina was very knowledgable about Athens.



1 month ago

Great tour guide! Very engaging and passionate. Everyone must take this tour.


Michelle Veliz

2 months ago

I took the tour with Yorgos. Such an amazing time! This is a must-do if you wanna taste the real Greek cuisine and avoid the tourists traps from day 1. Yorgos is very knowledgeable and passionate about his job, you can see it from the beginning. He was very flexible and always heard to our needs, making detours for us and taking us to ice-cream or olive shops out of the tour because we asked for it. He gave tons of advice in regards to places we could go afterwards. Thank you, Yorgos!

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