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Alana 26 Feb 2024

The tour was amazing! We were lucky to have a private tour with her. I was not expecting a very nice discussion about the memorial and the Soviet Union in general. Olga is super friendly and very well prepared for the tour - with figures and extra information about the memorial. I was surprised. The place is so beautiful but she also brought the idea of the importance to think about the past and see with critical eyes the situation after the 2nd world / patriotic war. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun! I really recommend it :)
Soviet memorial in Treptower Park - historical walk
Nadine 26 Jan 2024

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Travelled alone - Jan 2024
Awesome tour, I had an amazing time! J.R. was a great guide with great knowledge. Thumbs up!
Berlin Basics!
Joseph 31 Dec 2023
New York

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Travelled in couple - Dec 2023
Nima was an excellent guide. As two Americans who wanted a local to really show us what Berliners eat and what makes up the gastronomic fanfare of the city, we were so pleased by Nima’s tour. We tried curry wurst, söner kebab, falafel, baklava, tea, cheese, tarts, beer, and wine. I was so full by the end of the tour. Nima went the extra step to make sure we wrapped up the remaining food to take back to our hotel. I was so glad we did, because we finished it that evening. The route was really cool too, as we probably would not have seen the Kreuzberg neighborhood otherwise. Nima also took us on the metro, which was cool to experience in Berlin. Nima weaved in contemporary history, immigration, Nazi/ColdWar history, and food history into the tour so well. I felt like I really saw part of Berlin that Berliners enjoy.
Tasty Berlin, culture meets cuisine! With street art & alternative flair (two in one)
David 15 Sep 2023

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Travelled alone - Sep 2023
Nima clearly loves what he does and gave a very interesting tour. Recommend. :)
Jewish Quarter Berlin: Diversity, History & Urban Flair (In Small Groups)
Vivek 09 Jul 2023

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Travelled in couple - Jul 2023
I attended the Berlin history tour. It was one best your I have attended. This tour covered all the places I had in my list to visit. She was well informed about all the building and explained every place in historical context and event which ended at that place. She was also explaining social context related to Berlin society and people. I had very good time and learned a lot. It was also interested as I have interest in history and society.
Beyond Berlin’s History - making sense of the present learning from the past
Shane 05 Jun 2023

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Travelled alone - Jun 2023
Behzad is a great tour guide. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I really enjoyed learning about East and West Germany
Berlin in a Nutshell - Around Alexanderplatz, Free Walking Tour
Marco 02 Jun 2023

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Travelled alone - Jun 2023
Richard is very passionnate about this subject. He us knowledgable and professional. He was able to answer all questions asked even the most difficult. His insight on the topic is essential for this visit.
Free Tour Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
Rafael 27 May 2023

This was such a great tour! Rafael was super knowledgeable and friendly, and I ended up meeting a lot of great people. He won’t show you the most cliché or common things which I really appreciated. He was also flexible and accommodated for my specific interest during the tour. He clearly cares about the community which made his description of Berlin‘s queer scene extra touching. Would absolutely take this again next time I’m in Berlin.
Homolulu.Berlin - LGBTQ bicycle city tour "Berlin invents homosexuality - queer history from 1850-1935"
Beate 16 May 2023

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Travelled in couple - May 2023
Wenn wir wieder in Berlin sind werden wir wieder eine Tour mit Germar machen.
The essentials of Berlin free walking tour

Berlin is a center of art, music and creative culture. Urban art is one of the factors that has helped Berlin become the creative center it is today.
But not all Graffiti is worth wasting your scarce visiting time on, so go for the Free Tours we offer here at GuruWalk and play it safe.
Berlin's most famous street art is known as Love Parade. This mural was painted by artists in 1998 and was defaced with graffiti in 2005. The artists repainted it, but the mural became a symbol of how quickly street art can be destroyed if authorities are not vigilant. There are some examples of street art to be found all over Berlin, such as graffiti murals and sculptures, like the East Side Gallery, which stretches 1.3 kilometers along the former border between East and West Berlin.
But we'd better slowly discover what Berlin's Urban Art has to teach.
Kreuzberg is one of the most popular districts when it comes to Urban Art.
Kreuzberg has been home to some of the most emblematic and world famous artists, such as Keith Haring or Jean-Michel Basquiat. It was also the birthplace of Berlin's graffiti culture between the 1980s and 1990s.
The district, with its many layers of history, has become even more attractive for tourists who want to experience Berlin's urban culture in an authentic way.
Beyond the cultural offerings of Kreuzberg, across the Oberbaum Bridge we can reach the Friedrichshain area.
Friedrichshain is one of the most diverse and lively areas of Berlin. It has many attractions worth visiting if you are looking for things to do in Berlin.
Friedrichshain is home to many tourist attractions such as Volkspark Friedrichshain, East Side Gallery, The Lab and Ecole de l'Air.
Berlin's East Side Gallery is a popular tourist attraction for many, not only for the history behind it, but also for its artistic value.
This 1.3-kilometer-long section of the Berlin Wall has been preserved as a crucial reminder of Germany's 20th century past. The East Side Gallery was originally a segment of the Berlin Wall, which divided West and East Germany from 1961 to 1989. It was not until 1990 that this wall was finally removed from power.
The East Side Gallery is famous for its many colorful paintings by international artists on both sides depicting life in the former Eastern Bloc, as well as more recent events such as 9/11 and the economic crisis of 2008.

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