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  • Live the Adventure with Dinosaurs!

Live the Adventure with Dinosaurs!

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About the tour

On the Conococha - Antamina highway, at kilometer 80 there are giant footprints of 120 million antiquity. Traces of theropods (carnivores), sauropods (herbivores), ornithopods (herbivores) have been found. On our tour we will pass through Recuay, Catac, Ticapampa, we will see the Cordillera Blanca and a spectacular view of the Conococha Lagoon ((4,090 masl) in Quechua coñu cocha means "hot lagoon"). We will take the highway that leads to the Antamina mining center, at whose edges (km 55, 69, 80) we will find more than 100 footprints of 12 different forms of prehistoric animals belonging to the early Cretaceous period of 120 million years. This place was characterized by the presence of large reptiles (iguanodontes and terosaurs) and aquatic creatures of colossal proportions (ichthyosaurs, sea turtles, sharks), as well as fish and invertebrates (ammonites). A few kilometers away we can find the Canrash lagoon (3, 900 m). In the tours we will include: Tourist Transportation. Tickets. Pick up from the hotel. Box lunch

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How to find me: In the pool of Plaza de Huaraz, with a black backpack
Tour duration: 3 hours

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