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Best things to do and see in Bogotá

Bogota is one of the cities that will most surprise the tourists and travelers who decide to visit the Colombian capital. People say that this city is what Athens is for Europe, having the nickname the City of Music and being an authentic paradise for those who appreciate top-notch cuisine on a trip. Along with MedellĂ­n, Cali and Cartagena, these are the two cities that receive the highest number of tourists each year. 

On a free walking tour in Bogota, you will see lots of amazing sites, but our advice is that you choose a route that includes a climb up to Cerro de Montserrate where you can get lost in the narrow streets of the Old Town, letting you be awed by the beautiful street art of La Candelaria (Candlemass) then spend some time admiring the museums (Gold Museum, Botero Museum…) and get to know the symbolism of Journalist’s Park and finish by checking out the T Zone. If you decide to do a guided tour in Bogota, you can find many alternatives, like doing one in the morning, afternoon, or evening, or tours that fit it all into 3 hours touring around the downtown, or choosing one of the many themed tours that will take you on a focused look at this great city. 

No matter what you choose, being able to visit a place like this with a local guide will give you a wealth of knowledge and information that you couldn’t easily find otherwise. You can also check out the opinions and reviews of other walkers who have already done these tours in Bogota on the webpage.