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Quito is the capital city of Ecuador and is also it’s most populated. This South American metropolis is the second-highest capital in the world offering tourists from all over the world a bird’s eye view on the amazing architecture and monuments it has. Only 25 km from the equator, Quito enjoys a stable subtropical climate but is the only capital city in the world that is in the shadow of an active volcano, Mt. Pichincha. Don’t worry though, it hasn’t let off any smoke since 2002, and that didn’t stop UNESCO from pronouncing Quito’s historic Old Town as one of the first world heritage sites. 

With all the fascinating things you can visit there, you don’t want to miss any opportunities to check out these must-see places when you get to Quito. You can find the best free walking tour in Quito for whatever you want to see. Some of this city’s main attractions include La Compania de Jesus Church in the Old Town, The Palacio del Gobierno, The Catedral Metropolitana, or the newly combined museum complex, Museo Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, where the modern art, the ethnographic, and the musical instrument museums are located. See the beautiful baroque art that adorns the Basilica of the National Vow, the Church of Saint Francisco. Stretch your legs as you stroll through the Plaza Grande Square, to the viewpoint El Panecillo with its incredible statue of the Virgen of Quito, or check out the views from the rooftop of Vista Hermosa downtown. Don’t forget to check out the city’s airway tram system called the TeleferiQo to help you in case the high altitude has you huffing and puffing. 

Reserve a free walking tour in one of the available languages online like Spanish, French, Portugese, or English. This will assure that you get to see all of Quito’s main attractions and its hidden charms. Check out the opinions and reviews of other tourists like you on the guruwalk that they did in Quito. Their evaluations of both the route and the tour guide are very helpful for you to choose the best tour for your personal tastes and your schedule to be able to visit the city with your guide in the morning, afternoon, or evening. While you are checking out Quito, remember that we also have free walking tours available in Cuenca, Esmeraldas, and Ibarra. 

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