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From 1st March to 30th October

The Salines is in the very city centre and near from the Natural Park of Penyal d’Ifac in Calp. It is a special settlement with present cultural, social and natural values.

173 bird species has been registered. There are several hundreds of greater flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) and black-winged stilts (Himantopus himantopus).

Its area covers 41.08 hectares.

The first written document that talks about it dates from the middle of the 13th century. It was left permanently in 1988.

The Salines is part of an ancient bay closed by the formation of a transverse barrier to the waves. Now, this barrier of fossils dunes can be seen between the Platja de l’Arenal (Xàbia) and the Platja del Cantal Roig (Calp).

In the other side of the barrier there is the Platja de la Fossa.

These barriers linked the Penyal d’Ifac to the continent, forming a tombolo of an old island.

The main goal of this tour is not only to teach our different flora and fauna, but also to know the Salines evolution and history.

Do not miss the chance to breathe a bit of nature that is just a minute from the beach!

Duration: 1h

Recommendations: Water, trainers, sun cream, a cap and especially a camera

How much?

The amount given to the guides is completely open. Each traveler is free to decide at the end of the tour how much they want to contribute, depending on how much they liked it, and their economic possibilities.

In this way, we make sure that access to culture is possible for people of any economic level. And it also supposes an extra motivation for the guides, to continue improving day by day, and to make the experience more fun

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Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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