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  • Cartagena
  • Available in: English, Spanish

About the guru Carlos

Hello Travelers! I'm Carlos from Cartagena, I know a lot of stories about the colonial time and the battles between the spanish crown and UK for control the caribbean sea, also about Fortification Process of Cartagena. So I invite you to a "free walking tour"around the history center of Cartagena, I will tell you all the history of it.

Hello Travelers! I'm Carlos from Cartagena, I know a lot of stories about the colonial time and the battles between the spanish crown and UK for control the caribbean sea, also about Fortification Process of Cartagena. So I invite you to a "free walking tour"around the history center of Cartagena, I will tell you all the history of it.

About the tour

Hi travelers!

I'm carlos i was born and grew up in Cartagena de indias one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean, come with me, I'll show you all the main tourist places in the old city.

We will walk through colorful streets adorned by colonial style houses, I will talk about the different architectural styles of houses and buildings in the city, I will also tell you funny and curious stories about its construction.

I can also show you places that are rare to visit like Getsemani

Take this tour with me, I promise I'll be your best friend during your stay in Cartagena and you'll know all about the city after my tour like if you were lived all your life here.

we'll end the tour on The Bulwark of Santo Domingo, where you can see the sunset and I will tell you stories about the battles in Cartagena between spanish crown and pirates from UK and other empires.

I appreciate booking the tour at least a day in advance.

You will walk with around the following places:

( the names of squares, monuments and museums are in spanish)

-Monumento India Catalina

-La Plaza de los Coches

- El portal de los dulces

- La Plaza de la Aduana

- Plaza de armas

- Iglesia de San Pedro Claver

- Parque de Bolivar

- Museo del Oro

- Palacio de la Inquisición

- Plaza de Santo Domingo

- Iglesia Santo Domingo

- Museo Naval

- Museo Arte Moderno

Meeting point
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How to find me: I will be waiting for you at the india catalina monument if we set this details previously due I do not do this every hour. Up you can see where is located the monument on google maps. I appreciate booking the tour at least a day in advance.

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Ratings (29)


Lidia Arrausi

3 days ago



13 days ago

The tour was great! carlos was thourough and explained a lot about cartagena. we had a great time!



14 days ago

Great tour to take! carlos is very detailed in his history telling and very friendly. we had a bit of a hiccup with the meeting point but he was nice enough to accommodate a last minute change. if you’re looking to learn more about the history of this beautiful city then this is the tour for you!!



19 days ago

The tour with carlos was awesome, he showed all the main places and also uncommon visited places, he told us the highlights about the history, architecture and culture of cartagena de indias. if you take this tour you'll enjoy it!



19 days ago

The tour was concise, clear, full of curious facts. it is worth noting that carlos was before us waiting for us at the meeting place he recived us with a smile and a very friendly treatment. i definitely recommend it



19 days ago

He didn’t show up! we waited but nobody showed up.



25 days ago

Great tour! i loved how carlos narrated the history and it was really exciting to learn about the history of cartagena and also colombia.



2 months ago

Carlos es un guía ameno y una persona seria, amable y paciente. disfrutamos un tour con él de dos horas y media muy interesante.

recomendamos vivamente este tour guiado por carlos.


Beatriz Manzano

2 months ago

Carlos sabe mucho sobre cartagena, colombia y cultura general. explicaba muy bien y fue muy interesante conocer la historia de cartagena gracias a el.



2 months ago

I have been on many free free walking tours in various cities and carlos is definitely at the top of the list. super knowledgeable and professional. just the right amount of time (2h exactly) with quite a few stops and lots of explanations in between poi’s. highly recommend.



3 months ago

We had a great tour of old city of cartagena with carlos. he's so knowledgeble about cartagena history and contemporary life; he really knows his stuff and answers all of our interrupting questions. i've already been recommending carlos to friends who are planning their trips to cartagena. if you want to feel like you're visiting a friend and he's showing you around, get a tour with carlos.



3 months ago

I have to be totally honest here, the tour wasn't what we expected at all. carlos seemed to lack a lot of enthusiasm from the beginning. we were the only two that took the tour, and although he knew a lot about cartagena's history, the tour lacked enthusiasm and his english really wasn't the best. at the beginning of the tour he told us we needed to be generous which to be honest is a lot to ask for a free tour. he also asked us to tell the police he was our friend if they approached us. at the end of the tour we told him we were on a budget and gave him what we give on all other tours but he really didn't seem happy with that and told us this was his living. overall i think he needs a little more time to practise with english and the tour itself, also he needs to remember this is a free tour based on tips- pay for the quality of the tour- not to put the people taking it under pressure.



3 months ago



3 months ago

Carlos is a very friendly and very knowledgeable tour guide. he spoke the entire time in english as we don't understand spanish which i think is amazing.

loved wandering about the streets and hearing about the history of cartagena.

a nice touch to give some restaurant recommendations at the end of the tour.

i would suggest pointing out some suggested food or drink places when we pass by so we know where to go.

all in all, great!




3 months ago

My friends and i enjoyed the city tour with carlos. also he was really kind and later he staid talking with us for a while. recommended


Pilar silvestre

8 months ago



8 months ago

Carlos know his history very well, he did it for us in english without hesitation, anyone want to know the history of cartagena i ll recommend him.



8 months ago

Very good. carlos brings you to important places



9 months ago

Carlos is just getting started and is still improving, but did a nice job and was helpful with some other logistics questions we had.



9 months ago

A bit boring.


Sari Colt

9 months ago

Great tour ! carlos is a great guide . highly recommend taking this tour .


Jeanette Nunez

9 months ago

Carlos was very polite and patient. he explained everything in detail and all the questions i had. i recommend his tour!



9 months ago

This tour was wonderful, carlos knows historical facts of cartagena very interesting, he took pictures of me and my girlfriend when we asked, he is very kind. also he recommended restaurants to eat typical food of the city.

i and my girlfriend recommend it.



9 months ago

A nice, sociable way to see the main sights of cartagena and get to know a bit about the history as well. i recommend it!



9 months ago

Amazing tour!. i loved it. this guy was very clear talking about the historic center, monuments, etc . he also knows about cartagena's culture and past. honestly, i recommend him.



9 months ago

Excellent tour! carlos is so friendly and he knows all lot about cartagena.



9 months ago

Carlos es el mejor. sabe mucho de la ciudad, es muy amigable y abierto a conocer a otras personas. excelente experiencia



9 months ago

Beautiful tour, bilingual ... me encanto.



9 months ago

Great tour. he was very knowledgeable about the historic centers and was able to deliver just enough information to make it interesting and not too much to make it boring. he also knows a lot of cartagena's culture and past. he makes a great tour guide. would def recommend.

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