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Athens has a terrific history of more than 3000 years starting from mythic times of the ancient gods through antiquity that is mostly known, Roman empire, Byzantine empire, Frankish and Venetian rule, Ottoman empire to the War of Independence 200 years ago. There are countless of amazing original stories and legends that are not only a picture of Athens at the time but also of the eternal Greek civilization.

Getting to know Athens better requires days if not weeks, but I will do my best depending of course of the time you have available. It is like a basket full of goods that everyone can have for free and should only devote enough time for it.

If you want an hour tour you got it and if you have all day that is fine too. if you are interested in antiquities and museums I am your man and if you are looking for a restaurant, a cafe, or a bar I will be there too. Do you like shopping? we can do that as well.

Being a resident here I offer custom tours everywhere in Athens and Piraeus, and if you want a trip to the islands we can arrange that too.

Notice. Custom and specialized tours are not free of charge.

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