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  • Florence
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About the guru Manuel and Christine

Hi! We are Manuel and Christine we are friends and both of us are licensed tour guides of Florence. We decided to start this poject together because we like very much the city where we live and we would like to share our love for Florence with you. We hope to meet you soon! :)

Hi! We are Manuel and Christine we are friends and both of us are licensed tour guides of Florence. We decided to start this poject together because we like very much the city where we live and we would like to share our love for Florence with you. We hope to meet you soon! :)

About the tour

Are you interested in the secrets of the Medici family? Do you want to know the story of the construction of the biggest dome of the world? Do you know why the David of Michelangelo was sculptured to be in Signoria's square? If you are curious about all these facts or you have more questions about Florence: sign in and join us! The guides are licensed tour guides of Florence and you will find a friendly and easygoing atmosphere.

This tour is TOTALLY FREE, no tariff is applied. If you like the tour, you can leave us a tip or a review to support our project. Our goal is to give everyone the possibility to discover our city.

RESERVATION IS MANDATORY at least 12 hours before the tour.

If you didn't reserve it you can try to be at the meeting point in time and join the group but in this case we will not assure that the tour will take place :)

Meeting point
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How to find me: In front of the statue at the square San Lorenzo-there is only one:). We`ll have a red scarf on our bag.

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54 minutes ago



19 hours ago



2 days ago

Christine was a very good, the stories was not too long who is good but very open to answer if you want know more , very interesting walking tour, i totally recommended !!



3 days ago



3 days ago

Really good tour. christine was very informative and we enjoyed learning lots about florence. informal and relaxed. recommend



4 days ago

Christine was a great tour guide. very knowledgeable about the area and kept the tour at a good enjoyable pace. it was a good and informative tour of florence and great to do as at the start of our visit. she recommended places to eat and see other interesting places that were not included on the tour but we could do in our own time.



4 days ago

Christine was our guide today and did an amazing job. really knowledgeable and we learned a lot about this beautiful city. highly recommended!



7 days ago

Christina was very knowledgable abput the history. very informative. very easy pace. highly recommend this tour.



8 days ago

Great tour with christine! awesome way to get your bearings when you arrive in florence. christine shows you all the most important monuments and some great historic facts aswell! thanks christine!



20 days ago

Muy buena guia, bien preparada,



24 days ago

Excellent tour with christine around florence.


Shupei Winthal

28 days ago

It was a very informative tour. glad we did it. our guide, christine was pleasant and knowledgeable. highly recommended!



30 days ago

Christine make us a very nice tour! highly recommended. she explains thing about the medicis, the city, curiosities and the tour finish at a pleasent piazza.


Herbert Ballhaus

1 month ago

Great tour. well structured with interesting information.



1 month ago

A very nice took us down the shadowy ways to avoid the sun and gave me some different prespectives on history that we hadn't heard yet from other guides. christine was a delight!!!



1 month ago



1 month ago

I felt that although manuel did a alright job at tour. he was all about business, and not friendly enough



1 month ago

Great tour! we enjoyed it very much! started on time. gave us some interesting information.



1 month ago



2 months ago

My first free tour. i was very pleased with christine's knowledge of the area. she was very personable and invited anyone in the group to join her for cappuccinos at her favourite shop at the end of the tour! great guide and good tour!


Lauren Terheege

2 months ago



2 months ago

Good tour! it was informative and not very long. i recommend it! thanks, christine.



2 months ago

It was a great tour. i definitely recommend it :)beside the city tour our guide christine also showed us local places and some street arts which were really cool.


Sabrina Hetzler

2 months ago

It’s was great she was very knowledgeable. just fyi she shows up right before the meet time. most tours ask you to arrive early and i was freaked out thinking i missed the tour. it’s was a nice mix of old and new florence. some time she was hard to hear, but you just have to get in close. i would recommend to take her tour.



2 months ago

Enjoyable, creative, and thorough tour. i highly recommend christine!



2 months ago



2 months ago



2 months ago

A good tour for getting acquainted with the major site in florence. could be improved upon by adding a lot more of background to make it interesting.



2 months ago

Great tour!

i went on the tour with christine. she knew a lot about the history of the city, and showed us the more recent ongoing street art. highly recommended!



2 months ago

Christine was a wonderful guide today. her tour was well structured and informative as well as funny. we hit the main checkpoints of the city where she told us a bit about the history of florence, followed by a short segment about the local street art scene. i will definitely book another tour with her when i come back to florence.


Béatrice Lafreniere

2 months ago



2 months ago

Christine is a lovely girl. i enjoyed the tour so much that i did not feel like i was walking for so long. she is very informative and aware of all the arts in the narrow streets of florance. i wish her the best.



2 months ago

What an enjoyable and informative experience!! so much better than yhe normal busses. we really enjoyed christine's knowledge and aytention to detail, like the street art poinyed out to us. definitely worth it!



2 months ago

Christine did such a great (german) tour! she told so many things, but not only about the historical florence, also about modern things like street art. i would recommend everyone the tour!


Mark Anthony Tom

2 months ago

The tour was very informative. christine was a great guide and answered all our questions in detail. what i love about the tour is the part where we went to the less crowded area of florence and enjoyed the quiet walk and some street arts. i highly recommend this walking tour!



2 months ago

Great!! christine was lovely and very knowledgeable. the small size of the group was very nice. it was the perfect amount of time, and you finish the tour in a beautiful, more local square, just in time for lunch or coffee.



2 months ago

Good introductory tour around the main spots of florence, but also with some more local spots and small stories left and right. not over filled with facts and knowledge. felt short and precise and is optimal for people just arriving in the city and without loads of preparation. super small group size was amazing, chilled and personal atmosphere.



2 months ago

The tour is an great way to see florence. the guide (christin) was very knowledgeable and show us the most important points of a city. her english is very easy to understand. the tour is well paced (not too long, not too fast, not to slow). it's a free tour based on tips, but the quality is better than some of the tours i've paid for.



3 months ago

We did the tour with christine and it was totally worth it. she will show you less crowded places and tell you a lot of information.



3 months ago

It was wonderful to explore the magical florence with christine! she was very informative and friendly. she has a deep knowledge of the art as well as the history. i felt privileged to attend her tour!! thank you!!!



3 months ago

We went to the walk with christine. she's full of emery and fun. she especially paid attention to street arts and graffitis, that makes florence a more modern and lively city. we enjoyed the tour very much. thank you christine.



3 months ago

Christine took our tour this week. she was very informative and friendly. it was sometimes a little hard to hear due to how busy it was in some areas but we were shown some things you never would have known about had we not been told. highly recommended over the busy, over packed tours



3 months ago

Fantastic tour with christine. she showed us some incredible highlights of the city, had interesting explanations about the history, and included some wonderful street art also. hard to hear at times, but if you’re sure to be in front of her when she’s talking, you will learn a lot. thanks christine!



3 months ago

We did the german tour with christine. she told us a lot of interesting historical facts, showed us modern street art and placed florentine people go to.

really recommandabel:-)



3 months ago

It was the second tour, this time with christine. a very nice tour with some background informations. afterwards she showed us a lovely cafe where we had some coffee all together.

it wasn't my last tour with them =)



3 months ago

Our tour was with the lovely christine, who took us through the most important and beautiful places in florence and was very knowledgeable. her explanations were precise and excellent.


Laura Peeters

3 months ago

It was a very interesting tour, great facts also seen lovely street art. takes 1hour and a half, which is ideal. thanks christine it was lovely


Maury Nation

4 months ago

Very nice tour. christine was really kind and had great knowledge of the sites on the tour.



5 months ago

Our guide was christine's partner, manuel. manuel was prompt at the designated meeting place and led us on a fascinating tour of florence's landmarks, touching on history, politics, art, and architecture. he happily fielded all of our questions (and we usually have a lot of questions). the tour was a highlight of our time in florence and we would highly recommend it.



6 months ago

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