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Boston is one of the oldest American municipalities and its rich history is made up of a Colonial past combined with the waves of immigrants who have brought their own unique culture to this east coast city. Get to know Boston by doing a free walking tour with professional tour guides who can show you all you need to know about this city that is often referred to as the City of Champions for its title-winning sports franchises and the enthusiastic fans from the New England region. Get oriented with the city and bring the rich, local history to life with your guide and have a trip you will remember for a lifetime.

When it comes time to plan out what you want to visit in a city that has this many things to see, it’s more important than ever to have some info about what you don’t want to leave out and maybe some things you might put lower on your priority list. If you end up doing a guruwalk in Boston, you’ll rest assured that you will be able to fit in all those must-see spots for you, like the Boston Commons Park, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Public Library, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum, Beacon Hill, the historic North End neighborhood, Fenway Park baseball stadium, The Freedom Trail that traces important historic sites from the American Revolution, or head to Cambridge and check out the campuses of MIT and Harvard for some extra points! 

If you’d like to learn more about the free walking tours available in Boston in English and Spanish, get online where you can read other walkers’ opinions and reviews that they left about the route or the tour guide and find the best one for you. Other interesting destinations with guruwalks that may be of interest to you are Chicago, Toronto, Quebec, or New York

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