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First class activities for everyone. Amazing local cultural experiences all about places, people, food, music and art. Real, honest, current, entertaining, useful and delicious walks around beautiful and unique spots in town by the hand of a proud local.

Groups are always small or private. At the end of the experience, if you are happy, you pay what you want. Some people give $10, others give $50.

You contribute with the amount you feel the experience was worth. You will love it.

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Chip 08/15/2021

Our Trip was GREAT. We stayed at a resort know for it's excellent food but the food we had on our Tour was our Absolute Favorite. Each stop specialized in a different style taco. Our guide was knowledgeable, personable and made us feel welcome. When we return to Puerto Vallarta we will definitely book another Tour with Memo

Daryl 08/09/2021

Felipe 08/01/2021

Memo es un crack! Nos llevo a lugares increíbles, algunos a la vista pero escondidos de los ojos y otros totalmente locales, afamados, familiares y 100% de Vallarta. Comimos camarones frescos, ostiones y almejas recién abiertas en la playa, manta raya, ceviche Vallarta, Merlin ahumado, y tacos de pescado estilo baja. Un orgullo local, un deleite y un privilegio. Gracias Memo por el tour!!

Felipe 07/31/2021

Eduardo conoce mucho de chocolate y le apasiona. Ha estudiado y lo enseña. Es joven, muy simpático, habla inglés y español perfecto y en todos los lugares visitados lo conocen bien y fuimos bien recibimos

Vlad 07/27/2021

Meeting Memo was the highlight of my whole trip to Vallarta. It’s my third trip to Vallarta but this is the only time I completely opened it for myself. I’m not talking about the food only. It’s the whole vibe. Thank you Memo!

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