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First class activities for everyone. Amazing local cultural experiences all about places, people, food, music and art. Real, honest, current, entertaining, useful and delicious walks around beautiful and unique spots in town by the hand of a proud local.

Groups are always small or private. At the end of the experience, if you are happy, you pay what you want. Some people give $10, others give $50.

You contribute with the amount you feel the experience was worth. You will love it.

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19 Sep 2022 Los Angeles
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Travelled in couple - Aug 2022

What a fantastic tour! 5 stops and 5 tacos plus ice cream. Includes much needed short walks to burn off the tacos. Tacos were delicious and extremely inexpensive. Now in food coma. Highly Recommend!! On off season do tour at 9:30 AM to avoid the blazing sun.

15 Sep 2022 Austin
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Travelled alone - Sep 2022

The tour was great and Memo is a fantastic guide.

10 Sep 2022 Austin
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Travelled in couple - Sep 2022

Excellent tour. Great inexpensive seafood choices. Only local spots that might get missed.

29 Aug 2022 Houston
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Travelled in group - Aug 2022

Memo was an excellent guide on our Seafood 101 tour. He was very pleasant, knowledgeable and engaging. He gave great recommendations and they were spot on. Everything we tried was delicious. We even ran into 2 people who had done his tour the previous day and they were back at one of the places. Each local restaurant had delicious food, the staff were all very kind. The prices were VERY affordable (take pesos) and allowed some in our party to pay in USD. NO CREDIT CARDS. Cant wait to do the taco tour with him.

15 Aug 2022 Lakeway
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Travelled in group - Jul 2022

Memo is the most outstanding and informative guide there is! He is one of a kind.

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