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First class activities for everyone. Amazing local cultural experiences all about places, people, food, music and art. Real, honest, current, entertaining, useful and delicious walks around beautiful and unique spots in town by the hand of a proud local.

Groups are always small or private. At the end of the experience, if you are happy, you pay what you want. Some people give $10, others give $50.

You contribute with the amount you feel the experience was worth. You will love it.

4 Tours of Vallarta101

Ratings (84)

Ada about 4 hours

Memo is very knowledgable and enthusiastic. I enjoy my tour so much and would like to join more tours from his company.

Chuck Martin 13 days

Excellent tour of Old Town Puerto Vallarta. Memo had so much interesting information and cool spots to check out. He was so knowledgeable about the history, art, all the local foods, and so much more. I highly recommend taking this tour.

John Wong 24 days

Great walking tour. My wife and I were the only one on the tour with Memo. He took us to many interesting places for about three hours. He was friendly and professional. He was very knowledgeable and passionatea bout the City of Puerto Vallarta. He also provided us with many tips for things to do after the tour. Highly recommended for anyone who is visiting for the first time.

Andrew Nickless about 1 month

Great tour, very informative.

Renee Gallagher about 1 month

Amazing tour guide who provided very fun and interesting information!!! Highly highly recommend!!!! Memo is the best!

Ratings (84)