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First class activities for everyone. Amazing local cultural experiences all about places, people, food, music and art. Real, honest, current, entertaining, useful and delicious walks around beautiful and unique spots in town by the hand of a proud local.

Groups are always small or private. At the end of the experience, if you are happy, you pay what you want. Some people give $10, others give $50.

You contribute with the amount you feel the experience was worth. You will love it.

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Ratings (90)

Andres Vila 04/24/2021

The tour was excellent. Memo was very kind and friendly; he gave me very good tips and suggestions for my stay in PV. I recommend this tour to people visiting PV for the first time, it is very worth it.

Sofiya 04/21/2021

Really fun and informative tour with Memo. Off the beaten track spots with some super delicious tacos that are ridiculously cheap for the quality offered. Thank you!

Jim McKelvie 04/18/2021

Memo, who led the walk is very personable and was very informative in the different taco styles and traditions. He was exceptional and also explained many cultural and historical questions we had. Highly recommend this tour

Noriko kilambi 03/25/2021

We had a very good time with our guide Memo. He is a very knowledgeable guide and we enjoyed walking around the town and learning few things about tacos. We were so full by the time we finished our tour! Looking forward to doing more tours with him!

Faith Elizabeth Fuller 03/02/2021

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