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First class experiences for everyone. We provide you with real, honest, current and useful info and resources, while walking around unique spots in town by the hand of a proud local. An amazing 2-3 hour local cultural experience all about places, people, food and art.

At the end of the experience, if you are happy, you pay what you want. Some people give $5, others give $50.

You contribute with the amount you feel the experience was worth. You will love it.

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5 days ago

Sadly, the guide for our seafood walk today didn’t show up at the designated meeting spot. We waited over 20 minutes. This was a big disappointment as we thoroughly enjoyed our taco walk with Memo last year and were looking forward to trying some new seafood spots.

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Response from Vallarta101:

Hi Alison, This is Memo. I am very sorry for not showing to Seafood101 yesterday. We had a medical emergency. Sorry to have you wait 20 minutes and sorry I did not respond so quickly. You were the only person booked for the tour and I couldn´t send a message at the very time. There is no tour operator to contact, just me, thru this site. But I am even more sorry and very surprised to see you could not even wait for 12 hrs, just 6, to write a scathing 1star review of a free tour you did not actually take, ESPECIALLY considering you know me personally and have taken a tour with me before. And you also did it on another platform (TripAdvisor), even though you did not book thru them :( . I do not understand that at all. But again, sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your comments. Enjoy your time in Vallarta. Memo.

Jolisa Darcy

6 days ago

My friend and I have been to Puerto Vallarta many, many times and love the area. Eduardo was able to show us several new places to eat. But not only where to get a meal, he shared his experiences and some of the local history that not everyone has the opportunity to learn about.

I would defiantly recommend this tour to anyone looking for something different to try out.



9 days ago

Eduardo was fantastic. Learned a lot about cocoa .