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About San Diego

Considered as one of the preferred cities in the United States to reside, San Diego is a Californian benchmark in terms of quality of life. Throughout the year it has a moderate, almost Mediterranean climate, which allows you to enjoy its warm beaches and its enviable natural landscapes. Designated by many as the birthplace of California, this North American city on the shores of the Pacific, meets the best conditions to be one of the most emblematic North American cities. Extensive landscaped areas, a recommended zoo, numerous museums and a leading scientific industry, as well as an important presence of the army, rise to this great tourist destination in the south of the country. Due to its proximity to Mexico, it has one of the most interesting gastronomic offers in the west, where the typical tacos and tortillas coexist with the most exclusive products of the sea; An excellent opportunity to enjoy the culinary pleasures of both cultures.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to discover this great city of California is to sign up for the free walking tour in San Diego; A simple, practical and didactic way to get to know the most interesting points and the must-sees of this North American destination by experts. A first stop in the Old Town to see first hand the Spanish origins and the first buildings of the city. Shopping enthusiasts cannot miss the opportunity to approach Gaslamp Quarter, one of the favorite areas for shopping. The sea and its relationship with the city have their greatest exponent in naval museums and the SeaWorld, with an extensive presence of animals and marine species; One of the most recommended visits in the country. Likewise, land animals enthusiasts can enjoy a visit to the Zoo Safari, with a wide presence of the main species on the planet. Other equally interesting stops that should not be missed are visits to Balboa Park, a large garden area with different museums, or Coronado Island and its wonderful beaches.

If you have little time and you want to make the most of your stay in the city, one of the most interesting alternatives is to take a free tour in San Diego, touring the essential tourist places. A guided tour by great professionals with extensive experience on guided tours.