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Because we know that ist not necessary much money to know and learn about a city. Estación México Free Tour is designed to offer free walking tours to show the wonders that hide a place in each of its streets. Based in the concept of reciprocity, our guides give all their knowledge, happiness and personality to transmit the best stories, the best legends, and myths that keep so many years of legacy in each of the cities. Our guides are not only historians are storytellers, who besides knowing dates and names, also know recount and contextualize the highlights of Mexican culture. Estación México is a collective created in order to expand the knowledge and love for the history of Mexico through free walking tours

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Our guide was a no-show. I should add that we booked this on several hours notice so it is understandable that it may not be offered. But the website did not disable the booking and we got no notice that it would not be offered, or any notice of cancellation. So we sat and waited. We finally called the guide telephone number and he said no walk would be offered. It's free so one can't be too critical, and we had been to Queretaro a few times before so this event wasn't crushingly disappointing. But if you really want a tour, then not sure these reliably happen based on this one experience.


Response from Estacion:

Hello, we do not know the situation why the guide did not appear at the meeting point, but we are already taking letters in the matter to find a solution to this case.