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Heritage visit in Brihuega (Guadalajara)

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  • Brihuega
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About the tour

People think of Brihuega, which is a small town on the way, to take a walk and see a couple of churches, but they are really surprised when they arrive and find everything there is. We always lack time! In my visit I will explain Brihuega so that you understand why it is so, who has left its mark on it over the centuries, how it was founded, popular legends here and many other things. Also Brihuega during the month of July is dyed purple, with its splendid lavender fields and for a couple of years, during the month of flowering, I have the pleasure of explaining everything about this plant and take you to discover this incredible sensory experience . In addition, it is possible to establish contact with the farmers and include, according to their availability of course, in the route, a visit to the facilities where this plant is being distilled, which is causing Brihuega to become “La Provence Provence”. What are we going to visit Historical Heritage?  The Medieval Wall with several of its doors.  The Municipal Laundry and several of the ornamental and supply sources of the town.  The Plaza del Coso with its Old Jail and its City Hall and Arab Caves.  The Castle with its patio of Arms and Exteriors of the Church of Santa María (and interior if it were open)  External explanation of the Plaza de Toros.  Exterior and Interior of the Church of San Felipe.  Exteriors of the Royal Cloth Factory of Carlos III with its gardens. The duration of the Free Tour is approximately 2 hours and a half. The visit of the interior of the described monuments is not included, except for San Felipe, but the explanation is very complete from the exterior façade, being able to access in case you are interested and at that time they are open, paying the corresponding ticket of municipal tax. In this case the duration of the visit may be slightly increased.

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How to find me: In Maria Cristina Park, on the star drawn on the pavement
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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