The Essential Free Tour of Sintra

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Tour description

Embark on an enchanting journey through Sintra, a town where the veil between reality and fairy tale thins, with our captivating Essential Free Tour of Sintra. This experience, a tapestry woven from two rich narratives, invites you into a world where history, romance, and myth breathe life into every cobblestone, whispering the legacy of knights, mystics, and artisans.

A Fairytale Beginning: Our odyssey commences at the heart of Sintra, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Sintra Mountains. Here, amidst the verdant embrace of Liberdade Park, the saga of Sintra's enchantment unfolds, tracing its name to tales as old as time. Marvel at the town hall, a picturesque prelude to the mysteries that await.

Tales of Templars and Romance: Journey through the village, where the stories of Gualdim Pais and the enigmatic Templars echo against the ancient walls. Discover the Moorish Fountains, a testament to Sintra's Roman and Arabic heritage, and the Palace of Valenças, haunted by a tragic love story that whispers through its romantic halls.

Culinary Delights and Architectural Splendors: Indulge in Sintra’s famous Queijada and Travesseiro, sweet embodiments of the town's rich culinary heritage. Wander past the National Palace of Sintra, with its intriguing Magpie Room and iconic twin chimneys, and hear tales of secret tunnels and the mystical Mountain of the Moon.

The Quintessence of Romanticism: Explore São Martinho's Church, where the secrets of freemasonry intertwine with the fabric of Sintra. Delight in the esoteric beauty of Quinta da Regaleira, with its Initiation Well and symbols of ancient wisdom. Behold the Seteais Palace, a monument to love and revenge, offering unparalleled views of the Pena Palace and Sintra Mountains.

A Dreamlike Setting: Though the Pena Palace and Moorish Castle beckon from afar, their allure adds to the magic of our tour. Each step through Sintra reveals a page from a storybook, from the Biester Palace's mystic allure to the Pisões Waterfall's natural splendor.

An Invitation to Wonder: Led by our expert guide, passionate about unveiling Sintra's hidden gems, this tour is an immersive journey into the heart of Sintra’s romantic soul. Discover the Lawrence Hotel, a sanctuary for poets and dreamers, and learn of Sintra’s grand love stories that inspired its most iconic buildings.

Sintra is not just a destination; it's an experience, a dream woven from the threads of history, mystery, and enchantment. With tales of knights and mystics, tragic loves, and architectural marvels, our Essential Sintra Free Tour is an invitation to step into a living fairytale. Join us and let Sintra’s magic enchant you, leaving you with memories as vibrant and enduring as the town itself. Sintra awaits, ready to reveal its secrets and fill your heart with wonder.

Useful information:
Please note that the Castle of the Moors and the Pena Palace are too far away from the center of the villa to be visited. Many guests do visit these sites after the tour.

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What will we visit on this tour?

  • Meeting point:
    Largo Dr. Virgílio Horta 3, 2710-523 ...
    Largo Dr. Virgílio Horta 3, 2710-523 Sintra, Portugal
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    Blue umbrella near the wayside cross just in front of City Hall.

  • 1
    Outside visit
    Largo Dr. Virgílio Horta

    Begin at the breathtaking Sintra City Hall, a masterpiece set against the majestic Sintra Mountains. Discover the mystical origins of Sintra, a name that echoes through the ages, enveloped in tales of magic and allure. The city hall stands not just as a government building but as a gateway to understanding Sintra's rich historical tapestry and enchanting stories.

  • 2
    Outside visit
    Parque da Liberdade

    Stroll through Liberdade Park, where the shadows of Gualdim Pais and the enigmatic Templars linger. Hear the whispered tales of their significant impact on Portuguese history and how their mysterious legacy found a home in Sintra, shaping its destiny forever.

  • 3
    Outside visit
    Fonte Mourisca

    Marvel at the Moorish Fountain, where the confluence of Roman and Arabic heritage illustrates Sintra's evolution into a royal retreat and a symbol of Romanticism. These fountain is not merely water source but historical landmark that narrate the multicultural layers of Sintra's past.

  • 4
    Outside visit
    Palácio Valenças

    Explore the romantic allure of the Palace of Valenças, a testament to the Romantic style architecture designed by Guiseppe Cinati. Hear the heart-wrenching story of Palmira, a servant entangled in a tragic tale of unrequited love, whose spirit is said to haunt its halls.

  • 5
    Outside visit
    Igreja de São Martinho

    Unravel the mysteries of São Martinho's Church, where the secrets of freemasonry and the echoes of Romanticism blend into the spiritual fabric of Sintra. This church is not just a place of worship but a repository of Sintra’s esoteric and historical conundrums.

  • 6
    Outside visit
    Palácio Nacional de Sintra

    Dive into the grandeur of the National Palace of Sintra, where every room tells a unique story, from the whimsical Magpie Room to the iconic twin chimneys. Discover the hidden connections to the Moorish Castle, secret tunnels, and the mythical Mountain of the Moon, alongside sampling the renowned Queijadas and Travesseiro, Sintra's culinary treasures.

  • 7
    Outside visit

    Venture into the heart of Sintra’s culinary tradition at Piriquita, an iconic pastry shop known far and wide for its irresistible "Travesseiros" and "Queijadas." Founded over a century ago, Piriquita isn't just a cafe; it's a landmark of taste, where each bite tells a story of Sintra's rich, sweet heritage.

  • 8
    Outside visit
    Lawrence Hotel

    Marvel at the Lawrence Hotel, the oldest still-functioning hotel on the Iberian Peninsula, a site that has played host to literary giants like Lord Byron. Its walls are steeped in history, offering a glimpse into the illustrious past of Sintra's most distinguished visitors.

  • 9
    Outside visit
    Palacio y Parque Biester

    Behold the enigmatic beauty of Biester Palace, a structure famed for its unique stonework and mystical symbolism. Recently immortalized in Polanski’s film "The 9th Gate," the palace offers a captivating narrative of mystery and architectural wonder.

  • 10
    Outside visit
    Fonte dos Pisões

    Pisões Waterfall is a natural spectacle showcasing Sintra’s lush botanical diversity. This hidden gem provides a tranquil retreat, encapsulating the essence of Sintra’s unparalleled natural beauty.

  • 11
    Outside visit
    Quinta da Regaleira

    Admire the mystical world of Quinta da Regaleira, a breathtaking estate that transcends ordinary beauty. This spellbinding complex, with its gothic facades, luxurious gardens, and enigmatic grottoes, is a masterpiece of Romantic architecture intertwined with the mysticism of Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, and alchemical symbolism.

  • 12
    Outside visit
    Jardins do Palácio de Seteais

    The Gardens of the Seteais Palace are a breathtaking oasis of tranquility and beauty, offering panoramic views that stretch across Sintra's lush landscapes to the Atlantic Ocean. These gardens, belonging to the 18th-century neoclassical palace now serving as a luxury hotel, are adorned with romantic pathways, mythological statues, and exquisitely manicured hedges.

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Free tours do not have a set price, instead, each person gives the guru at the end of the tour the amount that he or she considers appropriate (these usually range from €10 to $50 depending on satisfaction with the tour).

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Erez 29 May 2024

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Travelled in couple - May 2024
Great guide but tour stops /locations for information sharing weren’t very interesting
Brenna 28 May 2024

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Travelled in couple - May 2024
Great tour! Highly recommend!
Montserrat 28 May 2024

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Travelled in group - May 2024
Araceli encantadora una guía de tour estupenda
Jacqueline 27 May 2024

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Travelled in group - May 2024
Excellent tour. Claudia is very knowledgeable and makes it very interesting.
Emma 27 May 2024

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Travelled in couple - May 2024
We really liked the stories about Sintra and the buildings we have been told. It gave us a good “foundation” to visit the palaces
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