Step into the Enchanting Tale of Eindhoven: Unveiling Hidden Gems on Foot

Duration: 2h
Languages: English
Guru: Giordano
Registered on April 20, 2023

Italian lad lived abroad across the EU for about 15 years now. Used to be an official CERN guide and I am looking to put the same passion into a free walking tour around the city where I currently live. Please feel free to contact me on Telegram ---> t.me/GIOC83

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Tour description

If the tour is full and you'd like to join anyway or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Telegram ---> t.me/GIOC83

*** Please note that if the tour is booked by less than 3 people, I might decide to cancel it ***

Step into the Enchanting Tale of Eindhoven: Unveiling Hidden Gems on Foot 

Welcome, curious souls, to a journey like no other through the vibrant heart of Eindhoven! Get ready to immerse yourselves in a tapestry of innovation, art, and history as we embark on a free walking tour that promises to awaken your senses and leave you captivated by the city's rich tapestry. But wait, this isn't just any ordinary tour—it's an adventure waiting to unfold, filled with surprises, stories, and the magic of discovery.

  • A Glimpse into the Extraordinary 

Picture this: The sun-kissed 18 septemberplein sets the stage, beckoning you to join our merry band of explorers. But this isn't just a tour—it's an invitation to embrace the city's beating heart, to connect with its past and its future. As we navigate the enchanting streets, we'll be pulled into the allure of Piazza, a place where history and modernity intertwine, and The Blob—a whimsical architectural wonder that teases our senses.

  • Passions Collide: From Art to Football 

Our journey doesn't stop at mere landmarks; it delves into the soul of Eindhoven. We'll stand in awe before the grandeur of the PSV Stadium, a temple where passions unite. The captivating tales of innovation and ingenuity come to life within the walls of the Philips Museum, Van Abbe Museum, and the DAF Museum. Hold your breath as we step into NAT Lab, where creativity knows no bounds, and Eindhoven Central Station stands as a testimony to the city's bustling heartbeat.

  • Where Dreams Shape Reality

But oh, the wonders keep unfolding! Imagine standing before the realm of ASML, where science fiction becomes science fact. And though the Evoluon stands a bit further, its enigmatic presence lingers in the air, waiting for those with an adventurous spirit to answer its call. The St. Catherine Church whispers secrets from times gone by, while Markt square's statue of Gerard Philips pays homage to the visionary who ignited Eindhoven's spark.

  • Bowling Alleys in the Sky 

As the sun dips below the horizon, the atmosphere transforms. Neon lights illuminate our path, guiding us to the whimsical spectacle of the Flying Pins. We venture into the artistic haven of Strijp-S, where creativity dances on every wall. The intoxicating aroma of flavors melds with the air at the Downtown Gourmet Market, and the 100 Watts Brewery invites you to savor Eindhoven one sip at a time. The Design Academy's spirit infuses the streets, and the promise of the Glow Festival glimmers like a well-kept secret.

  • An Ending, Yet a New Beginning

As our footsteps slow and the city's pulse becomes our own, we reach the end of this marvelous odyssey. But remember, the tale doesn't truly end here—it continues in your hearts, a story you'll carry and share. Eindhoven, a city of dreams and aspirations, will forever be etched in your memories.

  • Join the Adventure, Book Your Spot Today

Enchantment awaits those who dare to walk the path less taken. Are you ready to be captivated by the wonders of Eindhoven? Don't let this unique journey slip through your fingers. Book your spot now and let's uncover the magic together. Adventure, art, innovation, and the unknown await your arrival. Let's walk, let's discover, and let's create memories that'll last a lifetime.

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What will we visit on this tour?

  • Meeting point:
    18 Septemberplein, 5612 AZ Eindhoven,...
    18 Septemberplein, 5612 AZ Eindhoven, Netherlands
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    In 18 Septemberplein, in front of the McDonalds restaurant. I will be wearing a red t-shirt.

  • 1
    Outside visit
    18 Septemberplein

    The main square in Eindhoven

  • 2
    Outside visit

    A building and indoor shopping center in Eindhoven.

  • 3
    Outside visit
    De Blob Eindhoven

    De Blob is a transparent, drop-shaped building in the center of Eindhoven

  • 4
    Outside visit
    Philips Museum

    The Philips Museum is located in the North Brabant city of Eindhoven and deals with the history of the Philips company . It is located in Philips' first incandescent light bulb factory .

  • 5
    Outside visit
    Central Station

    Eindhoven Centraal station is the main railway station in the Dutch city of Eindhoven in the province of North Brabant . It is located at a junction of three routes: Venlo – Eindhoven, Breda / 's-Hertogenbosch – Eindhoven, Eindhoven – Weert .

  • 6
    Outside visit
    St. Catherine's Church

    The Catharinakerk is a Roman Catholic church in the inner city of the Dutch city of Eindhoven , dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria . The church is located at Catharinaplein 1, at the beginning of Stratumseind ​​and was built to replace the dilapidated medieval Sint-Catharinakerk

  • 7
    Outside visit

    The Markt is a square in the center of Eindhoven.

  • 8
    Outside visit
    Flying Pins

    The Flying Pins is a large public sculpture in Eindhoven . It was designed by the sculptors Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen and unveiled on May 31, 2000.

  • 9
    Outside visit

    Strijp-S is a neighborhood and former business park in the Strijp urban district of Eindhoven. The site belonged to electronics group Philips . Since 2000, both homes and companies, mainly from the creative sector, have been located there.

  • 10
    Outside visit

    The Philips Physics Laboratory , usually referred to as NatLab for short , was the Netherlands-based research department of Philips , where research is conducted for the benefit of the product divisions of the Philips organization.

  • 11
    Outside visit
    DAF Museum

    The DAF Museum is a museum in Eindhoven that focuses on the history of Van Doorne 's A utomobiel Fabriek , DAF for short . It is located in the Eindhoven district of Tongelre .

  • 12
    Outside visit
    Van Abbemuseum

    The Van Abbemuseum is a museum for modern and contemporary art in the center of Eindhoven . The museum was opened in 1936. The Van Abbemuseum is named after its founder Henri van Abbe .

  • 13
    Outside visit
    Philips Stadion

    The Philips Stadium is the home stadium of the Eindhoven football club PSV .

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Nicoletta 23 Mar 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Mar 2024
Giordano was very friendly and pinpointed the main places to see in Eindhoven, even suggested other places for us to visit, and also gave a history background on every landmark. Weather did not help, perhaps we could walk around further if it weren't for the rain and cold. Group of 5 was awesome, we loved meeting the other participants!
Ana Paulina 23 Mar 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Mar 2024
El guía podría hablar mucho más alto, con más entusiasmo y dar más información preparada. Entendemos que la ciudad no da para más pero es cuestión de actitud.
Xenia 10 Mar 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Mar 2024
Nos retrasamos un poco por transporte público y estuvo atento a qué encontráramos la ibicacion
Francesca 04 Sep 2023

Giordano is a well experienced and prepared guy, he showed us around the most important things of Eindhoven. He has been living here for a while, so he has also some great tips for people who just moved there! Thanks Giordano for your expertises :)
Peter 04 Sep 2023

Molto bene!
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