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*the original* free walking tour león-nicaragua

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  • León
  • Available in: Spanish, English

About the tour

* The Original * Free Walking Tour. It is the Welcome Tour to all the travelers of the World to Nicaragua. In León, the oldest city in the country we travel; its Historical Center

 Culture, Gastronomy, People, Churches, Monuments and Murals that are the vivid memories of a City of Revolution, Colonial and Poets.

Santiago de los Caballeros de León, it was called in 1524 by Spanish settlers. And it was designated as the first capital of Nicaragua by Captain Francisco Hernández de Córdoba.

He has been the brain of the Nation and the center of important historical facts of the country. Being like that;

* The first Capital of Nicaragua.

* Headquarters of the first Country University and 2 in Central America (UNAN).

* Cradle of the largest Nicaraguan Rubén Darío, prince of the letters Castellanas.

* Capital of the Sandinista Popular Revolution until the fall of the Somoza dictatorship.

* FSLN Foundation, Sandinista National Liberation Front.

* Heritage site that has 2 of the 4 cultural resources declared Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.


Many events of national and regional importance talk the history about the Colonial City of León

It's a excellent place to live experiences in; Volcanoes, Beaches, Islands, Traditions, Gastronomy, Nights of Music and Latin Dances, Learn Spanish, Rural Communities, Natural Reserves and a lot of experiences are waiting for you.

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How to find me: NW corner of Cathedral 30 meter norte, Vivero de Empresas, Office #1.

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7 days ago



1 month ago

It was great! our guide was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. thanks so much!



8 months ago

Did the leon city tour with sebastian. it was less of a walking tour due to the heat however sebastian managed to get in a wealth of information during our shady stops.



8 months ago

Nice guide. only sometimes hard to understand english



9 months ago

Carlos speaks very good english and led an informative walk if the center of leon. hevtook the time to answer the group's many questions and was a source of knowledge.

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