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Free Tour of the Soviet Moscow

Your guru: Manuel
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  • Moscow
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About the tour

During this free tour we will get to know the Russian Soviet era in broad strokes, we will remember the reasons and tragic events that happened in the Russian Empire and the world that led to this revolution.

We will visit places and monuments that represent the beginnings of the revolutionary movement such as the Revolution Square in the center of Moscow, then we will go to the first Soviet public park VDNKh where the Soviet Union is embodied and represented in impressive pavilions, we will also see places dedicated to the Russian cosmonautics that pioneered the space race during the "Cold War", monuments dedicated to the heroes of the cosmos, the Burán ship, the Vostok rocket are something we will see and can touch, we will mobilize by subway, another great work of Soviet Russia.

During the visit we will see places like: Source: The Friendship of the Peoples, Monument to the Cosmonautics, Revolution Square, Nave Burán, VDNJ Park, Choete Vostok, Arc de Triomphe and much more.

Duration: 3 Hours

Any questions and concerns, do not hesitate to write me, after booking the tour.


Make the reservation at least one day in advance.

If you are not going to be able to attend the tour, please cancel the reservation, otherwise I will wait for you.

If the Moscow administration for holidays or events blocks access to the Red Square, the meeting point and the route may change.

Nearby departures:

Okhotny Ryad, exit 8-9, line 1 (red).

Theatrical, exit 8-9-10, line 2 (green).

Ploshchad Revolyutsii, exit 10, line 3 (blue).

Meeting point
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How to find me: We will meet at 10:00 in front of the Monument (statue) to Karl Marx, in the Plaza de la Revolución, in front of the Bolshoi Theater, the Metropol Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel. I will wait for you with a yellow umbrella.
Tour duration: 3 hours

Tour schedule

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Ratings 9


Rosa Hernández

2 months ago

Totalmente recomendable. Manuel muy atento y ameno.


Isabel Herráez

4 months ago


Vanessa Lopez

5 months ago

Manuel fue muy bueno en su explicación! no pude quedarme hasta el final del tour porque tenía el vuelo el mismo día, pero lo que alcance a hacer con el me ayudo a entender mas de la parte Sovietica de Moscu - Manuel nos dió tambien diferentes tips para movernos por la ciudad que ayudan mucho!


Andres Serravalle

5 months ago

Muy bueno. Altamente recomendable.


Cristina Rodriguez

6 months ago

Interesante tour que te lleva más allá del centro histórico de la ciudad o de las principales atracciones para conocer otros lugares curiosos con mucha historia. Recomendable.

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