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  • Discover a Capital of Douro - Lamego

Discover a Capital of Douro - Lamego

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About the guru Natasha

My name is Natasha Furtado. I'm a licensed in tourism. After receiving my degree in Tourism from University of Viseu (ESTGL), I decided to combine my great love of Tourism and traveling and The Guru Walk gave me this opportunity. Since then and for the last year I have been traveling all over Portugal, sharing its incomparable beauties and famous cultural sites with friends ... More »

My name is Natasha Furtado. I'm a licensed in tourism. After receiving my degree in Tourism from University of Viseu (ESTGL), I decided to combine my great love of Tourism and traveling and The Guru Walk gave me this opportunity. Since then and for the last year I have been traveling all over Portugal, sharing its incomparable beauties and famous cultural sites with friends visiting the country from all over the world. Lamego, Régua, Pinhão, Vila Real and Porto are only a few of the beautiful places I love to take people to. My tours are carried out in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese with the same enthusiasm I had on my very first tour.

About the tour

Hi! I'm Natasha Furtado, a Brasilian / Portuguese living in central Portugal since 2006.My insider tips and resources have helped thousands of savy travellers create unique experiences.Let me help you find historical towns, traditional villages, stunning landscapes and delicious Portuguese food and wine.

Why visist Lamego in Portugal´s ?

In the Upper Douro Valley, wreathed in vineyards and maize farms, Lamego is a town that turns heads for its art, Baroque architecture and wine. Every church or chapel needs a moment because it might be hiding a treasure like gilded woodcarving or the tomb of a historic figure.

And if you’re truly devoted you’ll think nothing of conquering almost 700 steps to ascend the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. In the fashionable Douro Valley it’s no surprise that wine is on the agenda in Lamego, but you might not be ready for the sparkling wine, a local point of pride stored in caves in the town.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Lamego:

- Lamego´s Museum

I’ll start with my favourite place in town, the Lamego Museum. An astounding collection of ancient art and artifacts, including a fully reconstructed chapel dripping with gold, is displayed within the walls of an 18th century bishop’s palace.

- Cathedral of Lamego

The cathedral was built by Portugal’s first king, Afonso Henriques, in the 12th century, although little remains of the original structure.

This National Monument goes back to 1129, but has come through hundreds of years of refinements.

Today the only feature from the early days is the square bell-tower, which bears telltale Romanesque narrow windows with semi-circular arches.

The facade is Gothic, with pinnacles and detailed masonry in the ogival archivolts above the three portals.

But entering the cathedral is like stepping into a different era, as the remainder of the church is from the 18th century.

That is, apart from the cloister, dating to 1524 and with Renaissance arches around a dainty formal garden with a fountain.

- Cine Theater Ribeiro da Conceição

Lamego is often described as Portugal’s capital of the Baroque, and it is blessed many splendid buildings from the 1700s when the style reached its zenith.

As well as the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Sanctuary and the episcopal palace that houses the museum, there’s the Cine-Teatro o Ribeiro da Conceição, which is in the town’s old hospital dating to 1727, and converted in 2008.

- Lamego´s Castle

Cresting a rugged granite spur, Lamego’s castle is another National Monument.

Not a great deal of the original fortress has made it to the 21st century, but there is still enough to transport you to the age of wars between the Moors and Christians.

It was captured at the end of the 10th century by the fabled Moorish commander Almanzor, and only won back by the Christians 60 years later at the expense of many men.

The quadrangular keep has a small museum inside with interactive exhibits, and from the parapet you can see the Coura , Balsemão and Varosa Rivers in one panorama.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the castle’s Moorish cistern, which lies outside the walls and has ribbed vaults held up by four arches resting on pillars.

- Local Gastronomy

In the Upper Douro valley the food is rustic and meaty, with lots of roasts like kid goat with potatoes and rabbit cooked in wood-fired ovens.

Presunto (cured ham) is also big in Lamego, and can be had as a snack with a glass of wine, in sandwiches or with melon.

A bola de Lamego is a typical sandwich, filled with ham, vinha d’alhos (marinated pork), sardines or cheese.

As you make your way through the Douro Valley you may notice that maize crops are almost as plentiful as vines.

Corn is used in a lot of preparations, including various salads, vinha d’alhos and broa de milho, Portuguese cornbread.

- Sanctuary Nossa Senhora dos Remedios

As you look up the avenue, or across from the castle, you can’t miss the monumental Baroque staircase that leads up to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies (Nossa Senhora dos Remédios).

A theatrical stairway climbs Monte de Santo Estêvão (St Stephen’s Hill) to this 18th-century Baroque and Rococo sanctuary.

Religious devotees have been braving the climb since at least the 1300s.

The journey is half the fun, and requires 686 steps via nine landings and is enriched with tile panels, chapels, fountains, obelisks and statues.

- Wine Tourism

The advent of port wine was a boon to Lamego’s economy, with graceful estates sprouting up amid a sea of vines.

Port is only one of several types of wine produced near Lamego; in fact the town has made a name for its sparkling varieties.

These can be red or white, and you can buy them in caves (try Caves da Raposeira), going underground where the secondary fermentation that gives the wine its fizz.

Lamego’s sparkling wine is generally fruity and is perfect as an aperitif.

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3 months ago

El tour fue fantástico por la guía. Obrigada


Response from Natasha:

Señoras Carmen, fuera un placer mio recibir ustedes. Yo espero que tenga corrido todo bien en O Porto y continuation de buenas vacaciones !!!

Yolanda ALONSO

6 months ago

Nos ha dado planton; habíamos concertado ayer cita hoy a las 10'00 horas y NO SE HA PRESENTADO


Response from Natasha:

Senora Yolanda Alonso buenas tardes! Hoy por la manana hay enviado una mensage por lo site de a vuestro perfil por informar lo que hay passado. Todavia que hay una reserva del tour yo deveria recibir suya message a solicitar El tour y despues contacto sempre la persona por hacer mia confirmation para vuestra reserva. Contacto tambien por whatzap del turista por mantener todas las informationes necessárias. Me gusta que mios clientes tengan tudo confirmado para el dia. Desculpa me mas solo hay mirado vuestra message hoy por la manana no se que hay passado porque no hay recibido vuestra notification de reserva. Mas luego por la manana de hoy hay hecho una respuesta a senora. Estoy a vuestra disponibilidad para um nuevo tour se hay necessidade. Mio whatzap és +351 965718756 gracias por todo y creo que en una próxima oportunidade poderemos descobrir juntos la encantadora lamego. Gracias por vuestra comprension!

María vazquez

6 months ago

El tour fie magnífico, La guía fue estupenda, muy colaboradora, participativa, nos ayudó en todo lo que pudo, es maravillosa. Lamego es muy boito!!


Response from Natasha:

Senora Maria Vasquez y suyos queridos amigos de la Coruna, un grupo muy divertido. Gracias por eligir Lamego para vuestro tour! Quedaran siempre en mios recuerdos! Besitos a todos!


10 months ago

¡Ha sido un día excelente! Natasha nos ha llevado por los rincones con más encanto de Lamego y nos lo hemos pasado genial, además de que nos ha encantado la ciudad. Además, la guía ha sido casi inmejorable: cercana, simpática y risueña en todo momento. ¡100% recomendable!


Response from Natasha:

Raúl muchas gracias por el carino de suya família. Fuera Un dia memorable. Buenas vacaciones!
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