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Roman 02 Jun 2023

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Travelled alone - Jun 2023
Tour was very informative and attractive. We visited the most important milestones of the city and got additional information about it. I really recommend this tour!
Amsterdam City Tour by a Local ✅ - How the Dutch live and eat
Flor... 02 Jun 2023
Buenos Aires

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Travelled alone - May 2023
Alexander fue súper amable con nosotros. Además de llevarnos a lugares interesantes, sabía muchísimo de historia e hizo relatos con buenos datos e información. Fundamental: le puso actitud al tour.
Free fun tour of the Red Light District!
Silvia 10 May 2023
Buenos Aires

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Travelled in group - May 2023
Excelente guía ! Muy amena la visita. Cuando finalizamos , nos explico a cada uno cómo recorrer otros lugares de Ámsterdam y cómo viajar. Muy entretenida toda la guiada. Lo recomendamos los 6 !!! Gracias Nilson
Present Vs History - Free tour Amsterdam
Mari... 03 May 2023
Argentina Poniente

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Travelled alone - May 2023
Muy entretenido mucha información que buscaba y mucho conocimiento sobre el tema
When Hitler Met Anne Frank. Jewish Quarter Tour "World War II
Gigi 26 Apr 2023

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Travelled alone - Apr 2023
I recently went on a tour of Amsterdam with Thomas, and it was a fantastic experience! Thomas was incredibly knowledgeable about the city's history and culture!! The tour itself was very well organized, with plenty of interesting stops and sights to see. We visited all of the major landmarks in Amsterdam, including the Neumarkt, the Oude Kerk, the Old Church, and the VOC headquarters, and Thomas provided us with fascinating insights into each of these places. Overall, I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone looking for a top-notch tour of Amsterdam. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, you're sure to have a great time with Thomas as your guide!
Discovering the Heart of Amsterdam: A Walk Through History and Ideas
Jana 17 Apr 2023

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Travelled alone - Apr 2023
Jasmijn and Dominique were very friendly, lovely guides and had some interesting stories and anecdotes to share. For instance, we got to learn where the Red Light District got its name from and which special relationship the city has with Michael Jackson. Compared to other tours, I also had the impression that it gives a better insight of how the actual day-to-day life of the locals lookes like. Would highly recommend!
Free walking tour through the Venice of the North with two locals
Lidia 26 Mar 2023

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Travelled in group - Mar 2023
Lara hizo muy ameno y agradable el tour. Se nos hizo muy ameno.
Amsterdam essentials
Barbara 26 Mar 2023

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Travelled in group - Mar 2023
An excellent tour. Alex was a fount of information with good local knowledge. He was easy going and humorous and readily answered all questions. Would definitely recommend his tour
Beautiful Amsterdam - See the history and the canals
Tina 21 Mar 2023

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Travelled in group - Mar 2023
Il nostro guru Clara ci ha da subito rapiti, palesando quello che ai nostri occhi è uno dei doni più belli che una persona possa avere: la passione. Lei ne ha tantissima, per la storia e la “ricerca della verità” in particolare, e ce l’ha trasmessa tutta. Lo ha fatto mostrandoci foto e mappe da Lei reperite in biblioteche e su internet, leggendoci passi del diario di Anna, raccontandoci con dovizia di particolari finanche i nomi di personaggi secondari alla storia narrata… è stata bravissima, ma soprattutto per nulla noiosa o pesante. L’amore che ha per questi luoghi e la loro storia è stata capace di trasmettercelo tutto e noi le siamo davvero riconoscenti. Torneremo ad Amsterdam e speriamo col cuore di rincontrarla.
Free tour della storia di Anna Frank e della seconda guerra mondiale

Amsterdam is a wonderful city to visit. From canals to museums, there is something for everyone.
There are many museums for those interested in art and culture, such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. For those interested in history, there is the Anne Frank House and the Amsterdam Historical Museum. And for those looking for a day out with the family, don't forget the zoo and aquarium!

And for those looking for something more impressive, surprising and exciting, the Red Light District of the Dutch city. 
To make sure you don't miss a single detail of this neighbourhood, there's nothing better than the professional and specialised guidance of the Amsterdam Red Light District Free Tours that we offer here at GuruWalk.
The Dutch view on prostitution is that it should be legalised and regulated to the extent that there should be no exploitation of women or children. The main objective is to protect women and children from exploitation by pimps, clients and other parties. This would also reduce the number of people forced into prostitution. 

An example of this social opinion about prostitution is the Red Light District in Amsterdam, a district where you can walk through the main streets and look in the windows of brothels where prostitutes are the main attraction, visit sex shops or attend shows in BDSM venues, for example. 

Another big attraction in this district or in the nearby Wallen district are the coffee shops. 
Coffee shops with a "special" offer in which the consumption of soft drugs such as Cannabis is allowed. 

The Dutch population is considerably more positive about soft drugs than other Europeans. A 2018 survey found that the Netherlands had the highest approval rate for soft drugs among 15 European countries. It was followed by the Czech Republic and Poland, which scored 43% and 42% respectively.

And this reality is palpable in the aforementioned Coffee Shops, where you can accompany your coffee with a cannabis brownie. 

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