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Free walking tour - Essential Cork

4.8(10) Ratings

Free walking tour - Essential Cork
Guru: Lucía
Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Hours: 11:00 and 11:15
Languages: English and Spanish
Duration: 1 hour
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Irish city is increasingly known among travelers who want to enjoy the true friendly and close people of Ireland. Despite its weather, Cork is a city with a lot to discover, a fairytale city where the river Lee, when divided, creates an islet where we can now find its beautiful old town. Cork free tours are the most demanded by travelers who want to learn about the history and lifestyle of the city. These free-paid tours depart daily and visit the most famous places in the city. The Victorian Quarter (Victorian Quarter) that is distinguished by its colorful and bohemian and alternative atmosphere, the famous McCurtain Street, the Mother Jones Flea Market that is very curious about the amount of second-hand items sold, the Shandon neighborhood , the church of Santa Ana known for its bell tower with 8 bells, the Shandon bells. You will also visit the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne that you can see from anywhere in the city. You will discover the gastronomy of Cork thanks to the English Market, the jewel of the city and an essential of the city.

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