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Kaunas, a city to live it

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Living in kaunas
  • Kaunas
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About the guru Sebastián

Traveller and writer. A Canary citizen living in Kaunas. Lithuania

Traveller and writer. A Canary citizen living in Kaunas. Lithuania

About the tour

KAUNAS: Located at the crossroads of the "Nemunas" and "Neris" rivers. The city began in the thirteenth century, after the wars with the crusaders who were going to baptize the Baltic countryside full of pagans, the city itself began to form around the construction of the first and largest brick fortress. Capital of Lithuania during the period between the First and Second World War, The city was besieged in wars, both by Germans, Poles and Russians. It is the second most important city in Lithuania, after the current capital of the country, Vilnius "Vilnius". It is a welcoming and very active city, modern shops and growth of business areas, apart from new neighborhoods, it is also a university center, of great relevance in Lithuania. All this gives Kaunas an air of well-being with its parks and tree-lined avenues, its hydroelectric dam built in the Soviet era and which is currently called the Kaunas Sea, full of water activities during the summer period. We will also find many buildings, mansions, streets, castles and monuments of its ancient and representative history, there is an interesting symbiosis between the modern, its gothic look and its medieval "perfume" that we can still feel in the city walks, in its museums and in its shops, some of them with more than a century old. Meeting point: Church of San Miguel Arcángel WHAT TO SEE: As everything cannot be seen in a single day, so if your visit is short, we will go through the center of the helmet Old city, and we will see some of its museums. We adapt to what comes best on the day of visit, as there are festivals or celebrations that can coincide with a good walk. The House of Thunder, "Perkūnas", is a jewel of Gothic art located in the old town of Kaunas. The house is named after a bronze statue of the pagan god of Thunder. The MK Čiurlionis Painting Gallery preserves and exhibits works by the famous Lithuanian artist Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis who painted and composed music at the turn of the 20th century. The Devils Museum has a collection of sculptures and engravings of devils collected by the Lithuanian painter Antanas Žmuidzinavičius. Today it houses thousands of figurines of devils of local origin and from around the world. The Museum of the Great War "Vytautas" familiarizes visitors with the history of Lithuania. Nearby is the Statue of Liberty and the eternal fire that commemorate those who died for Lithuanian independence. The monastery and the church of "Pazaislis", is the pearl of the Lithuanian baroque and is considered one of the most beautiful examples of baroque architecture in northern and eastern Europe. It was founded in 1662 by the Grand Chancellor Krzysztof Zygmunt Pac, the monastery is the headquarters of international classical music festivals every summer. The great boulevard-shaped avenue “Laisves Aleja” (of freedom), full of shop windows, shopping and souvenir shops, animated by street vendors, musicians, apart of its flirtatious or interesting bars, cafes and restaurants. Fortress number IX, museum pays tribute to those killed in World War II. Holocaust souvenir, used by Germans and Soviets as a prison and extermination camp. The Fort dates from 1882 and was death camp during the occupation of the Nazis. The Lithuanian medicine and pharmacy museum, Created on the premises of a medieval hospital and converted into a Pharmacy during later periods, near the town hall of Kaunas which has a beautiful white swan shape. SCHEDULES: First of all, it is a City Tour and where you have to walk for a while and depending on the weather, some route can be altered. Visits to museums and public buildings may not have access to elevators or ramps not equipped for people with difficulty moving. Well, in most of the walks we will do it during the morning period, with its eventual stops to have a “Kava” coffee or one of its “Alus” craft beers of all kinds including a “Vyšnių Alaus” cherry beer. After lunch you can visit one of its emblematic museums. Remembering that drinks, meals, souvenirs and tickets to be paid, are not included in the excursion, leaving the guided accompaniment service to the will of the visitors. See you in Kaunas !!!

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How to find me: Location: Church of San Miguel Arcángel
Tour duration: 2 hours, 45 minutes

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Ratings (4)


Gisleine Stamalo

29 days ago

Bom día, tudo ôtimo, muito legal em Kaunas, O sebastian muito atento, interessantes anecdotas de historia e da vida nessa Cidade. Recomendo!

Living in kaunas

Response from Sebastián:

Muito Obrigado pela companhia, volte sempre, Brasileiros são sempre Bem-vindos em Kaunas

Maria Coelho

3 months ago

Boa tarde, gostei de Kaunas, muito legal, o paseio pra ver monumentos e as igrejas dela cidade, muito diferente de nosso Brasil, a tranquilidade e muito legal o senhor Sebastião, agradeçemento da suas indicações pra visitar o museo dos Diabos, tudo de bom.

Living in kaunas

Response from Sebastián:

Obrigado pela gentileza, seja bem-vinda sempre, Kaunas e maravilhosa


3 months ago

El tour ha sido fantástico, muy bien esplicado todos los detalles que hemos ido viendo, muchas gracias a la guía, solo puedo dar palabras de agradecimiento por todo

Living in kaunas

Response from Sebastián:

Gracias a tí por venir a conocer esta linda ciudad, Bienvenido siempre y espero que haya sido todo grato, aunque la lluvia acompañó el recorrido.


7 months ago

Recomendable! Las historias y datos que nuestros guias nos contaban era lo mas apreciado del paseo.

Living in kaunas

Response from Sebastián:

Siempre bienvenidos!! y gracias por acompañarnos en la visita.
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