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Iqbal Paul 02 Dec 2023

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Travelled alone - Dec 2023
Bettina …thank you -5* all the way.. She was extremely knowledgeable, very friendly…food tasting was amazing…also the history of the food….
How to feel and eat like a local!
Paul 01 Dec 2023

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Travelled alone - Nov 2023
Sylvia's tour is a gem among the many walking tours of BA. She's knowledgeable and informative about the capital and will guide you throughout the city centre's many bars and cafes, stopping at off the beaten track places to tell you many about many different aspects of BA life. Her tour is not to be missed.
Free walking tour in the heart of the city and in its most important bars
Iqbal Paul 25 Nov 2023

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Travelled in group - Nov 2023
Very professional & knowledgeable Guru…well worth the tr
Walking San Telmo
Emma 15 Oct 2023

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Travelled in couple - Oct 2023
The tour was amazing! Nikolas was so informative and told such interesting stories, this is the perfect type of tour to take at the cemetery. He went out of his way to give us recommendations and provided an overall excellent experience. We highly recommend!
The city of the dead: mysteries and legends of the Recoleta cemetery
Clare 27 Aug 2023
New York

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Travelled in couple - Aug 2023
Marcos was an amazing guide with detailed knowledge and information. We really enjoyed our time with him. Our tour through the Recoleta Cemetery was really a great way to see a part of Buenos Aires.
Recoleta Cemetery: Unmissable Tour full of fascinating Stories and Myths
Pierre 07 Jun 2023

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Travelled in couple - Jun 2023
Marcos, our awesome and funny tour guide, made our experience truly amazing! He was super friendly, always ready to answer our questions, and kept us entertained with his great sense of humor. The tour itself was an absolute blast, filled with stunning sights and beautiful locations. We had an incredible time! Highly recommended!!
Free tour: Unmissable Parks and Treasures of Buenos Aires
Laura 23 Apr 2023

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Travelled alone - Apr 2023
Wonderful tour! Very indepth overview of the history of the area. Rodrigo was super knowledgeable and engaging and also gave great recommendations for places to visit afterwards. Thanks a lot! :)
Free tour Retiro and Recoleta: Aristocratic Buenos Aires
Kuba 01 Apr 2023

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Travelled alone - Apr 2023
Tour was excellent, way better than I have expected. Ana showed me places off beaten track and told me a tone of useful information about Buenos Aires in general. Five stars! Thanks Ana :)
Free tour Palermo + Recoleta (Cosmopolitan and Classic)
Susana 22 Mar 2023

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Travelled in group - Mar 2023
Gustavo was knowledgeable, had lots of good stories, punctual.
Land, Water, History and Art: Puerto Madero + Ecological Reserve

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