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Believe it or not, all cities are transformed when the sun goes down. The lighting changes from natural to artificial, shadows emerge, and the most emblematic buildings and spaces regain a singular importance away from the hustle and bustle of the day. 
It is not the same to discover the most representative buildings, squares and monuments of a city in broad daylight or at night. There are different colours to suit different tastes, as they say, but night-time illumination is a very careful lighting, a proposal added to the space itself, and there is something special about it. 
This is also true of Madrid Nocturno. It is already a city full of stories and legends, but if we add the nocturnal component, it becomes an even more interesting city. 
Madrid's Gran Vía at night is spectacularly illuminated and worthy of being enjoyed. The same goes for the statue of Cibeles, or the Puerta del Sol or the Puerta de Alcalá. Imagine the shadow of the lions of the Congress of Deputies in the moonlight. The squares of Callao, de la Villa or Plaza Mayor; the Royal Palace or the Opera. 
All these tourist attractions are already popular with visitors during the day, but at night they regain a certain mystery, which is breathable thanks to the tranquillity of the night. 
Visit all these emblematic places in Madrid on a night tour to the rhythm of the stories and legends related to them. Enjoy a spectacularly illuminated magical atmosphere, in a quiet and safe city that pulsates with life every night of the week, mingling with people out for dinner, dancing or just a quiet drink.
Join them in Madrid's nightlife after discovering all that this great city has to offer in the moonlight. 

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