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Free Tour Mirador and Castillo de Gibralfaro

  • Málaga
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About the tour

Immerse yourself in the oldest history of Malaga with our Free Tour Castillo de Gibralfaro. You will discover that the Phoenicians founded what is known as Malaka around Mount Gibralfaro. We will begin the ascent between eucalyptus and pine trees until we reach the highest part of Mount Gibralfaro, from where we will see the most famous image of the city: the port of Malaga, the neighborhoods of the east side and the Castle of Gibralfaro.

Gibralfaro was a sacred place that has more than 3,000 years of history and where there are still remains of human burials from various eras. Before reaching the top we will stop at a spectacular viewpoint where we will appreciate a panoramic view of the surroundings of Malaga and its bay.

Among the neighborhoods in the eastern part of Malaga we will know the Victoria neighborhood, characteristic of the small Malaga bourgeoisie, and where the city's dressmakers generally lived. Today it is still an independent neighborhood. We will also discover the Puerta Oscura Gardens, a resting place located in the historic center of Malaga.

We will go up to the Castillo de Gibralfaro by La Coracha, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Malaga and that gets its name because it served as a wall. In the castle we will know that this was built by the Nasrid dynasty of Granada, because the Alcazaba was unprotected. When the Alcazaba lost its military function, La Coracha became a true ghetto. We will end up discovering what the different areas of the Alcazaba were used for with our Free Tour Castillo de Gibralfaro.

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Entrance inside the Gibralfaro Castle.

- Normal price: € 2.20.

- Reduced price: € 0.60. For children aged 6-16, students with accreditation, over 65, retired people with accreditation, residents in Malaga, MÁLAGACARD card users and large families.

We do not accept reservations with more than 6 adults.

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How to find me: Oficina Paseando por Europa, en Plaza de la Merced nº 12 con bandera o paraguas y acreditación de color "verde azulado" con el logotipo de: Paseando Por Europa.
Tour duration: 2 hours, 15 minutes

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