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Michael 01 May 2024

Verified booking
Travelled alone - May 2024
Alexis had just had his bike stolen so it wasn’t the best start to the tour. He did his best to show the group the key sights of the city. Nice knowledgeable guide, just having a bad day. PS London is normally a very safe place, but some people love stealing bikes here 😊
London : the FREE City tour
Yelyzaveta 25 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Apr 2024
It was a pleasant and interesting walk!
London in the Crimean War Historic Walk
Belén 25 Apr 2024
Río Cuarto

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Apr 2024
Rowland was a great guide, he knows a lot about Richmond and you can tell he really enjoys what he does. I was the only person that showed up and he still carried on with the tour which I really appreciated. The place is wonderful and I really recommend it to see a different side of London and enjoy the nature.
Richmond and Richmond Park Free Walking Tour
Anja 18 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Apr 2024
This was by far one of the best walking tours I have ever done. It was a perfect fusion of history, amazing stories, fun facts, insider knowledge, and light-hearted humour. Not only was it seeing the key sites of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square etc, it was also an insight into the life of London itself, from pub culture to the theatrical West End. This was the best introduction to London I could have asked for, and the guide's recommendations map has helped me on the rest of my trip in London. I'll definitely be doing more tours with Walkative in the future!
Welcome to London Tour by Walkative!
Jean 08 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in group - Apr 2024
Great guide. Knowledgeable engaging and dry humour
The Majestic Mayfair London Walking Tour
Ewa Pearce 03 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Apr 2024
This is such an interesting part of London and Pini explained the history and culture and art scene. He clearly knows and loves the area and his enthusiasm is infectious. Great tour with delicious bagels at the end.
Brick lane graffiti, street art, vintage, and hot Beigels
Jamie 02 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Apr 2024
Great tour along an amazing route and with engaging tour guide.
Eveing stroll along the Southbank.
Alan 28 Mar 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Mar 2024
We had a nice time with Richard. He showed us many of the iconic spots related to the Ted Lasso show. Of course the pub was the highlight. A great place to finish. Richmond is a wonderful area. Definitely worth it for any fan of the show. The tour was only an hour but that was appropriate for what we needed to see.
Ted Lasso - Richmond with a local
Fritz 05 Mar 2024

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Mar 2024
I booked this tour with Arjun because I wanted to learn more about the myths and legends that London and the city of London rest on. I’m happy to share that my expectations were even exceeded. I was the only one that booked the tour on this day so Arjun basically took me on a private tour through all of the stations with some extra details and discussions. I highly recommend!
London Historical Walking Tour - Bull and the Dragon

The Changing of the Guard is a ceremony in the UK that symbolises royal authority. It is a tradition that has been practised for centuries and will continue to be practised for centuries to come, but with more tourists coming to London, it is an excellent time to visit.
The Changing of the Guard was originally held every day at 11:30am from May 1901 until July 1917. In 1919 it was changed to every other day, but now there are only two guards on duty. On these days the ceremony starts at 11:00 am and lasts until 2:00 pm.
The most famous Changing of the Guard takes place in London, at Buckingham Palace.
But keep in mind that the palace is located in the Westminster district, which has a lot to offer tourists, as many Free Tours we have to offer you here at GuruWalk, so that you don't miss out on all that this experience can bring to you.
Buckingham Palace is one of London's most visited tourist attractions and has a long history.
The building we know today as Buckingham Palace was commissioned by King George III in 1763, and was the last great royal palace to be built in Europe. Its original purpose was to provide a grand ceremonial centre for a monarch who saw himself at the head of an empire that stretched across Europe and North America.
The site for this new palace had to be large enough to accommodate both the king's residence and the office of his prime minister, which is why it was built in this location on the outskirts of London, close to Parliament.
Consequently, it was to be not only a palace but also an important government building with space for ministers, clerks, messengers, cells and stables.
It is here that the Changing of the Guard takes place.
As mentioned above, we are in the heart of the Westminster district, in the centre of London. In addition to the palace itself, there are also many other government institutions, and other tourist attractions such as Westminster Abbey and the famous Big Ben.

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