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The best guruwalks in Frankfurt (1)

Free walking tour Frankfurt - The main spots you should know
Free walking tour Frankfurt - The main spots you should know
Guru: Warren
Days: Sunday, Monday, and Saturday
Languages: English
Duration: 2 hours y 30 minutes
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About Frankfurt

Europe is home to some of the most interesting and attractive cities in the world, perfect for enjoying a few-day getaway, knowing its rich history, culture and savoring its more than recommended gastronomy. An example of this is the German city of Frankfurt, one of the most recommended cities in the Teutonic country, for the wide range of interesting places and places to see, which will surely surprise tourists who first come to this beautiful European town .

Located in the “Rhine-Main” region on the banks of the River Main, in a beautiful valley on the slopes of the Taunus Hills, in the state of Hesse, the city of “Frankfurt am Main” is a stop A must for people visiting Germany and want to know the most important cities in the country; a town famous for hosting the birth of the writer Goethe, and for being currently one of the most important financial centers in the world, as well as having such iconic dishes in its gastronomy as the Frankfurter Würstchen sausages, the Handkäs mit musik -a kind appetizer with cheese-, and pork chop, known as Frankfurter rippchen.

Those people who want to know the main places to see in the city and have a few days, it is recommended that they sign up for the free walking tour in Frankfurt, one of the most interesting ways to discover the most important and essential corners of this town. Sites like the Main Tower, where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the city, the must-go Goethe House, the lively and cozy Sachsenhausen district, the beautiful Gothic cathedral of the Collegiate Church of St. Bartholomew, the Römerberg square, where you can find the town hall, one of the oldest points in the city. Other equally interesting sites are its varied and well-kept Zoo, the beautiful Jardin de las Palmeras, or its recommended museums located along the Main River, known as the “Museum Bank”; About fifteen different museums, with themes as varied as cinema, ethnology or sculpture. You cannot leave the city without getting on its historic Ebbelwei Express tram, which runs through the most attractive points of the German city.

This European tourist destination is perfect to sign up for a free tour in Frankfurt, a simple, comfortable and recommended way for those travelers who are looking for an interesting alternative to the usual guides and usual tours, which in most cases do not travel the most places Important and picturesque. Other cities where you can do this type of guided tours are Berlin, Munich or Hamburg.

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