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346 ratings
Gabi 30 Apr 2023

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Travelled alone - Apr 2023
Gidon was on time and he speaks clear English. He was willing to answer all the questions and even tell cool stories about Israel and Jaffa. Very cool vibes, we even played backgamon and chess afterward.
A journey through one of the oldest and most fascinating neighborhoods in Tel Aviv - Jaffa.
Yanhua 13 Apr 2023

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Travelled alone - Apr 2023
This is the best way to learn about the street art in the neighborhood. Nathan is chill yet so passionate about his community.
Florentin Graffiti tour - The real deal: by a real street artist
Jose... 27 Mar 2023

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Travelled alone - Mar 2023
Nico is a great tour guide! He provides interesting insights about the historical aspects of Jaffa and really takes the time to tell the stories. I really recommend booking a tour with him!
Sunset at Jaffa Instagrammable & Historical Tour
Julie 24 Mar 2023

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Travelled alone - Mar 2023
I really enjoyed this walk with Asher. It was very informative and educational. Asher informed me afterwards that he was a retired history teacher and had lived in Tel Aviv always. I would recommend this for anyone wanting a relaxing and educational 2 1/2 hour walk thru Tel Aviv. . Thanks Asher !
A journey to the beating heart of Tel Aviv
Javier 16 Mar 2023

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Travelled in couple - Mar 2023
Exelente Nico muy buen recorrido. Recomendable
Sababa Tour Old Jaffa Historical and Cultural Visit
Orla... 06 Jan 2023

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Travelled in group - Jan 2023
Persona preparata! Consiglio
Jaffa essential free walking tour
Mary 12 Dec 2022
San Antonio

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Travelled alone - Dec 2022
I have been in Tel Aviv fir four days now and did not feel like i had a true feeling of the city until spending time walking with Ram.
The heart (and soul) of Tel Aviv - walk the white city
Emily 03 Dec 2022

the best tour i have ever experienced it was fun also very informative. I learned a lot of new things about Tel Aviv. I can recommend it to everyone !!! thanks
Get to know the history of Tel Aviv, it’s lively neighborhoods and nightlife!
pravin 12 Jan 2020

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Travelled in group - Jan 2020
I enjoyed the crawl
Tel Aviv pub crawl

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