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Flavia 06 May 2023

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Travelled alone - Feb 2023
I took a great tour with Ardasher in Dushanbe in February, while I was in town for work. I didn't have much time to see around, so it was great to spend many hours of my Sunday with Ardasher and his little brother learning about the highlights of Dushanbe. The main highlights were definitely the Navruz palace, and watching live a TV special for the Tajik new year. Recommend!
Dushanbe city tour - Free Walking Tour
Aida 24 Apr 2023

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Travelled in group - Apr 2023
Incredible walking tour! Learned much more than we would've by walking around ourselves. Especially since updated English information can be tough to find online, it was so useful to have Ardeshir with us. He was fluent in English and Tajik/Farsi, and it was such a blast to walk around with him. Highlight of the trip!
Dushanbe city tour - Free Walking Tour
Gena 28 Mar 2023

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Travelled alone - Mar 2023
Ich fand die Tour zu Fuß teilweise zu lang. Nach diesen 5 Stunden war ich echt müde. Auch fand ich den Preis 50 € für 5 Stunden hoch, da im Internet steht, dass es eine Tour for free ist und jeder das geben kann was er für angemessen hält. Mir hat es Spaß gemacht und würde es jedem empfehlen.
Dushanbe city tour - Free Walking Tour
Michael 26 Sep 2022

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Travelled in couple - Sep 2022
Ardasher had a great agenda ready for us when we met. We feel like we saw every important sight in Dushanbe and learned so much about Tajikistan culture. Ardasher wasn't in any rush, so our walks between sites were leisurely and allowed for good conversation on a wide range of topics. We ended our tour at the marketplace and had meat pies and tea together. You will enjoy this pleasant young man's company so choose his tour if you can. Note: There was a lot of walking but you can choose to take inexpensive taxis between some sites if you like.
Dushanbe city tour - Free Walking Tour
Anne 22 Sep 2022

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Travelled alone - Sep 2022
I wished to see local places so we went to a local restaurant to have breakfast, to the market and to some parks while sightseeing some monuments and buildings
Dushanbe city tour - Free Walking Tour
Miguel 25 Aug 2022

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Travelled alone - Aug 2022
Ardasher is a great tour guide. He is very knowledgeable about the city and Tajik culture. The tour was almost the entire day walking around Dushanbe but I really enjoyed it. Ardasher makes me the tour quite fun and explains everything throughouly. Definitely book a tour with him if you visit this interesting city!
Dushanbe city tour - Free Walking Tour
Leon... 15 Aug 2022

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Aug 2022
An excellent 4 hours walk through the main highlights of the city including lots of background information. Highlight of the tour was the inside visit of the Tea Room building. Tour is highly recommended 😀
Dushanbe city tour - Free Walking Tour
RENEE 03 Aug 2022

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Aug 2022
I so enjoyed my day with Ardasher! He took me everywhere in the city. Very flexible, kind, and informative. I’m looking forward to scheduling a day trip excursion with him on my next trip to Dushanbe!
Dushanbe city tour - Free Walking Tour

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