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Nina 10 Feb 2024

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Travelled in group - Feb 2024
Very nice guide, excellent knowledge about history and the city. Fun tour!
Old town Mombasa walking tour
Cheryl 09 Nov 2023

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Travelled in group - Nov 2023
Angela was amazing. So genuine. Always had your safety in mind first. Quality information about what we were seeing. Very personable and knowledgeable. Loved that we had her to ourselves and the trip was so much more personal. Total sweetheart. Highly recommend.
Historical Old Town Tour: Exploring the Rich Heritage of Kenya's Coastal Gem
Wilson 07 Oct 2023

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Travelled alone - Oct 2023
Today, I had the pleasure of joining Anjela's Mombasa's Street Food Tour, and it was absolutely amazing! I was incredibly lucky as there was an additional tour guide, Ali Baba. Remarkably, I was the only guest, so the two of them guiding me felt like an ultra-VIP treatment. Throughout the tour, the three of us chatted like old friends, strolling from the spice market deep into the old town. We enjoyed a very local afternoon tea with the locals by the sea, savoring authentic coffee and snacks. The people here are so welcoming! We walked along the waterfront, passing by a lighthouse and a golf course, eventually reaching the ferry. Anjela, Ali Baba, and I discussed religion and culture, curious about each other's backgrounds while also showing mutual respect. Anjela patiently explained various street foods, and we tried a plethora of different snacks. It seemed like everyone in the old town knew Ali Baba, constantly greeting him. We even encountered a newlywed couple and offered our congratulations! Our journey concluded with some delightful Mombasa barbecue at a night market. Overall, the entire adventure was joyous! I especially appreciated how Ali Baba protected me like a security guard, ensuring I felt safe throughout. Highly recommended!
Mombasa's Street Food Tour: Explore the City's Best Bites with a Local Guide!
Charline 04 Aug 2023

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Travelled alone - Aug 2023
I absolutely loved my visit with Bishamba. Walking around with her felt like walking around with a friend. I highly recommend touring with her !
Incredible Mombasa free walking tour.
Naouar 11 Jun 2023

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Travelled in couple - Jun 2023
It was an excellent tour. We wanted a local experience. He adapted the tour to our wishes. Together we also chatted a lot and got an explanation about norms and values ​​in Mombasa. It was fantastic. If you like culture, people and adventure I would definitely take a tour with John!!!
The Hidden Gems of Mombasa: A free walking tour through History, Culture, and Nature
Ayisha 09 Jun 2023

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Travelled in group - Jun 2023
Booked a morning walking tour. Samira knew a lot of information about the Fort and the old city Would recommend
Experience the real Mombasa with a local guide.
Muna 17 Feb 2023

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Travelled alone - Feb 2023
Joan was amazing she honestly made me fall in love more with street food. She took me to the best local spots and we ate like queens. She even talked a bit about the local historical sites which I appreciated a lot I would definitely recommend her to my friends and families she’s the best honestly
Street Food Sampling in Mombasa
christelle 08 Sep 2022

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Travelled in couple - Sep 2022
The experience with Antony was amazing he gave us a lot information about Mombasa and the Swahili culture. We really enjoyed our tour.
Free walking tour of Mombasa fun and narrative
Jana 08 Aug 2022

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Travelled in couple - Aug 2022
We were the first ones who booked a tour with Humphrey via guruwalk. He has more than 15 years of tour guiding experience and knows a lot about Mombasa. We very much enjoyed hearing more about the history of old town Mombasa while visiting plenty of interesting spots. We highly recommend his tour!
Essential Mombasa Free Walking Tour

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