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Enjoying an average of 320 sunny days each year, Murcia is a popular tourist destination for anyone looking for the sea and sun of the Costa Blanca on the Mediterranean. With a nickname like “Europe’s Orchard,” it’s no surprise that you will discover a wealth of fresh fruits, vegetables, and wines from this region. Check out a free walking tour in Murcia with GuruWalk to find out all about the local food and drink, along with the rich cultural heritage that characterizes the provincial capital. 

When you visit Murcia, we recommend that you do a free walking tour with a local guide who can help you discover all about the culture and history of this Southern Spanish city. Check out the tours that are available online and choose the route that is most interesting to you such as Murcia’s Town Hall and the Glorieta Square, the Cathedral of Murcia, it’s oldest bridge Puente de los Peligros, the beautiful Old Town and the Traperia Street that crosses it. While you’re at it, visit Murcia’s Archeological Museum, the Centro Párraga Contemporary Art Museum, the 11th Century Monteagudo Castle, or the Almudí Palace. 

If you still have questions about what to do and see in Murcia, check out the opinions and reviews of both the tour routes and the guides that have been left by other tourists like you who have already done the tour. There are tours available in the morning, afternoon, and evening and there are also different languages.

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