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Pedro 17 Jun 2024

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Travelled in couple - Jun 2024
Chris was an abosuletely amazing guide, close, informative, fun, adapatative, willing to have any conversations... We absoluteñy loved the tour woth him, highly highly recommend
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Ernesto 17 Jun 2024
Los Angeles

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Travelled alone - Jun 2024
Chris is very professional. He made sure communication is important in all aspect of the whole tour, such as date, time and meeting place and most of all, understanding of the information he wants to share about the subject, which is his beloved town of Cebu City. He made the group engaged and created a camaraderie among the participants. Thanks Chris
Get to know Cebu with a local
Craig 11 Jun 2024

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Travelled alone - Jun 2024
Very and insightful tour of Cebu along with its history. Being later in afternoon means it is not as hot and you get to see the markets in action. The distance and time were just right. Highly recommend this tour
Get to know Cebu with a local

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