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The best guruwalks in Luxembourg (1)

Free Walking Tour: An ecological gem inside Luxembourg
Free Walking Tour: An ecological gem inside Luxembourg
Guru: Claudia
Days: Thursday and Friday
Hours: 10:00 and 14:00
Languages: English and Portuguese
Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes
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Luxembourg is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, being the social, economic and administrative axis of the region. It is a small state located in central Europe that borders Belgium, Germany and France. Although it may seem like a destination without much to see, once you get there, you realize that the views of the city are amazing, as well as its balconies and bridges. The buildings of the city center are very peculiar, making the walk through the old town very pleasant.

There are many who classify the city of Luxembourg as 'the best balcony in Europe', especially if you look from the street of Chemin de la Corniche or from the dome of the Church of Sain Jean. If you choose the option of visiting the city by doing a free walking tour with a local guide, you will be able to know the essential places of Luxembourg, as well as the secrets of the culture. The Grund neighborhood is an example of this, with streets in which the landscape can leave us speechless, although it is also worth visiting the casemates, both Block and Pétrusse. You should not miss the Ducal Palace, the cathedral or the most important squares (Armas, Constitución or Guillaume II) during your visit. Finally, you should take the Wenzel promenade to learn about the city's oldest history with the main points of interest such as the Rahn Plateau, the Jacobo Tower, the Castle Bridge or the Maierchen Defensive Bridge.

Luxembourg free tours are valued by walkers with opinions about the route, as well as the experience that the visit with the local guide has given them both in the morning and in the afternoon. Other cities that are also worth knowing are Paris, Brussels and Cologne.

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