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Stephanie 08 Jul 2024

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Travelled alone - Jul 2024
Such a cute tour. You get to visit the museums and art gallery in the center they're small but I never would have known they were there. Elena have a lot of history of Albania and Sarandë. I felt there was a good mix of history and food. My one note is to have cash handy for the food stops and museum(100 lek for all 3), but that's pretty normal for Albania as a whole.
"Culinary odyssey: from beers to bites."
Preetha 26 Jun 2024

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Travelled in couple - Jun 2024
Elena was very thorough with her your, taking us to all the places that were important and local to the town of Sarandë. I was pleasantly surprised that she had a good rapport with all the stores we visited and we even got to taste a lot of the cheese and desserts that were traditional to Albania. She also took us to some of the museums in the area and we got to learn of the past.
"Culinary odyssey: from beers to bites."
Elise 30 May 2024

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Travelled alone - May 2024
Elena’s tour was delicious! She is a very knowledgeable and thoughtful guide who took great care in explaining Albanian culture, history and food. She will always make sure you are comfortable, entertained and well fed! It was a wonderful way to get to know Sarande.
"Culinary odyssey: from beers to bites."
Alien 30 May 2024

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Travelled in couple - May 2024
It was her first tour, I am sure it will still be adjusted a little.
"Culinary odyssey: from beers to bites."

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