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The best guruwalks in Astorga (1)

Discover the historic center of Astorga

4.9(20) Ratings

Discover the historic center of Astorga
Guru: Raúl
Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
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About Astorga

The community of Castilla León has a large number of tourist destinations, of great interest and a rich tradition and history. Astorga "Asturica Augustea" is one of them; founded in a key place by the Romans, at a crossroads and passage area between two essential routes in the history of Spain: The Camino de Santiago and the Ruta de la Plata. For this reason, due to its economic importance between the north and the south, this town of Leon and the region of the Maragatería to which it belongs, has been for years one of the key points in the history of the peninsula, a key piece during the Reconquest . Those people who approach this area should not miss the opportunity to taste their tasty cuisine; Legumes and meats such as lamb or chicken are the main protagonists of dishes as famous as their cooked maragato. Chickpeas, vegetables and soup help complete delicious and hot dishes, famous throughout the country. Other typical products are chocolate or custard with cinnamon and cookies, desserts that help complete a characteristic menu to the city.

The most comfortable and recommended way to know the main points of interest in the city is to sign up for a free walking tour in Astorga. A route through the most important places and monuments of the city, by great professionals. These routes will bring the visitor to such important places as the Episcopal Palace, one of the most important buildings of the great Catalan genius Gaudí, as well as its impressive Cathedral of Santa Maria, with a beautiful baroque facade. Another obligatory stop is its Plaza Mayor and its beautiful City Hall, a meeting point to start a visit to the town. Equally interesting the Church of San Bartolomé or the Roman Museum, the Cathedral Museum as well as a walk through its old wall, are other points of great interest for those interested in knowing the history of the town. The Chocolate Museum is an unavoidable event for the sweet tooth, as well as the different typical tapas bars, very typical of the province of León.

Those who wish to know in depth the town, have the opportunity to do so thanks to the free tour in Astorga, a simple, didactic and concentrated way of the stops, history and most important monuments of this Leonese town, a few kilometers from other interesting points of the country and a must stop for all lovers of good gastronomy, culture and traditions.

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