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About Brighton

Those tourists who are looking for a charming English seaside town have one of the main options to consider in the town of Brighton. Located less than an hour from the English capital on the Sussex coast - in the southern part of the country - it is one of the favorite destinations of Londoners and visitors looking to escape for a few days - especially on weekends - of the great city ​​and enjoy the weather, the good atmosphere and the beaches of small stones, especially during the summer. A town totally focused on the sea, famous for being one of the favorite leisure destinations of the aristocracy of the time, and for its promenade, its recommended attractions and for the exceptional atmosphere that is breathed, especially at night, where good music It is the main protagonists with the large number of festivals and performances that are scheduled.

This sunny English city has a large number of places and places really interesting for tourists. Thus it is possible to visit some of its streets, such as Trafalgar, where you can acquire all kinds of “retro” objects, as well as Bond Street, a must for fashionistas. If you want to know the most relevant places, it is advisable to sign up for the free walking tour in Brighton, which will go through interesting points such as a must-see visit to the Royal Pavilion Palace - in Hindu style - as well as a visit to the iconic bohemian neighborhood of North Laine.

Animal lovers have an excellent opportunity at the Sea Life Center to get to know the fauna and the most characteristic marine species in the country. Another of the recommended activities is to know the King’s Road booths, or ride the small “Volk’s Electric” single-car electric train. Discover some of its recommended restaurants, eating their typical fish and chips dishes and drinking some of the handmade drinks in their mythical pubs, or riding in the attractions of Brighton Palace Pier, are other activities to do if you want to know the essence from the locality.

Touring the coastal town and signing up for the Brighton free tour is the best option for those tourists who want to know one of the most famous coastal villas in the United Kingdom. A must for lovers of good music, shopping for clothes, records and vintage objects, and lovers of coastal destinations with more atmosphere in the south of the country.

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