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Vips 15 Jun 2024
New City

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Travelled in family - Jun 2024
Just came back from our walking tour and immediately started writing this review because it was so amazing. I can’t imagine coming to Santa Marta and not going to Minca. It was the best decision we have made. The tour was arranged well and very accommodating by our guide Andres. He even took us to see Cocao plantation and process (@nominal cost) to make the cocoa powder. Overall great walking tour.
Discovering Minca Tour: Historical and Natural Treasures
Sandra 05 Jun 2024

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Travelled in couple - Jun 2024
Es una opcion fantastica para llegar a lugares que solo conocen los que viven alli. Te enseña tips como darte baño de barro y dejarte la piel super suave🫠Ademas al haber mucho sitio donde ir, con ellos se optimiza mucho mas tu tiempo. Super recomendable!
Discovering Minca Tour: Historical and Natural Treasures
Eni Nagy 30 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Apr 2024
Nico was a well prepared and well educated person who provided a lot of useful information to the grozp. It was also a lot of fun. I d highly recommend him and his tour
Discovering Minca Tour: Historical and Natural Treasures

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