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About A Coruña

The Galician community has one of the most attractive locations in northern Spain; some cities of great beauty, with a rich heritage, interesting history and one of the most valued gastronomies in the country. The city of A Coruña meets all these conditions; Located in the northwest of the peninsula in an area with some elevation, it is famous for its most representative monument, the great Tower of Hercules, which dominates the entire Galician village, and for its implacable European Atlantic climate.

This town of Galicia stands out for the luminosity, strength and beauty that the Atlantic gives it, which practically surrounds the city, making it possible to enjoy a large number of beautiful beaches and natural landscapes of great beauty. In addition, this Spanish destination is one of the favorite places for tourists to enjoy the best cuisine in the north of the country, where seafood takes on a special role; Dishes such as Caldeirada de fish, octopus casserole, prawns, clams, complete the famous Galician stews and steaks, typical of this town.

People who come to the city and want to explore the most interesting places of the town, have at their disposal the free walking tour in A Coruña, an excellent opportunity to explore the corners and the most important points. From the aforementioned Roman tower that is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world, and that is already a national icon, to the thousands of buildings and monuments that dot the town. The famous porticoed square of Maria Pita and her statue - great heroine against the English - is another of the obligatory stops; A perfect starting point to discover the intricate Galician streets. Other of the most recommended places to see this city are the famous Mercado Plaza de Lugo, a point of great interest where you can feel the bustle of its people; the Port and its recommended promenade to the lighthouse along beaches such as Riazor. The Mirador de San Pedro, the Castle of San Antón is another must-see, as well as the area of ​​the Old Town, one of the most beautiful in all of Galicia. Museums such as the Domus or the House of Sciences, complete a wide tourist offer in the city.

Tourists who come to the city and want to try a different alternative to city tours, have in the free tour in A Coruña an excellent option to know the most important places of the Galician town, one of the most lively and recommended of Spain.

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