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leonisa 14 May 2023

Verified booking
Travelled in group - May 2023
Eneko fué encantador en todos los sentidos. Muy profesional, nos contó muchísima historia y anécdotas. Pese a que coincidimos con el principio de fiestas y había algunas calles cortadas nos hizo una visita alternativa genial. Totalmente recomendable
Free Tour Cáceres Essential
antonia 10 May 2023

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Travelled in family - May 2023
Muy ameno e interesante y eneko muy simpático
Free tour Cáceres 3 cultures special night
Nuria 29 Apr 2023

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Travelled in couple - Apr 2023
Ha sido entretenido el recorrido, muchas historias/leyendas. Se nota cuando hay profesionalidad. Gracias
Free tour Cáceres Oscura
Natalia 03 Apr 2023

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Travelled in couple - Apr 2023
Nos dieron muchos datos respecto a la serie “La casa del dragón” y sin embargo muy pocos sobre “Juego de tronos”. Por lógica, quien ha visto La casa del dragón, ha visto Juego de tronos. Pero no siempre quien ha visto Juego de tronos, ha visto La casa del dragón. Justo fue nuestro caso y haciendo un tour normal nos dieron información que en este no. Por lo tanto nuestra experiencia no ha sido lo que esperábamos y no repetiríamos.
Cáceres Cinema Free Tour
Pilar 30 Mar 2023

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Travelled in couple - Mar 2023
Ha sido muy amena la visita y verónica encantadora
Essential Cáceres Free Tour
Elena 23 Jul 2020

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Travelled in group - Jul 2020
Hicimos el tour en Cáceres con Hitos y nos gustó mucho. La guía hace que sea muy ameno y entretenido. ¡Muchas gracias!
Free Tour Cáceres, city of three cultures
Marien 08 Jul 2020

Verified booking
Travelled in group - Jul 2020
Fenomenal, muy curioso. Gracias.
Free night tour of legends and mysteries, the most fun !!
Anto 07 Jul 2020

Verified booking
Travelled in group - Jul 2020
Un tour diferente, ameno y divertido. Te cuentan los misterios y leyendas de los habitantes de la ciudad de cáceres.
Free Tour Cáceres, mysteries and legends
María 14 Dec 2019

Verified booking
Travelled in group - Dec 2019
Cintia es una persona encantadora y una guía excelente.

The city of Cáceres is located in the autonomous region of Extremadura, on the border with Portugal. It is the capital and largest city of that region.
Cáceres has a rich history and has been an important cultural centre for centuries. The city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986 due to its well-preserved historic centre.
During the day it has a lot to offer its visitors and the same is true at night. To make sure you don't miss out on anything better than having a professional guide on one of the Free Night Tours of Cáceres like the ones we offer here at GuruWalk.
Cáceres is well known for its historic centre and beautiful cathedral. It is also a great place to visit if you are interested in history and culture. There are many museums and monuments that showcase the rich history of this region.
If you are looking for more modern attractions, there are also many. There are fantastic restaurants, cafes and bars in Cáceres serving delicious food and drinks.
All of its tourist attractions take on a new identity at night, thanks to the careful illumination of its spaces, monuments and buildings.
The Bujaco Tower, for example, was built in the 13th century as a watchtower to keep watch over the city. It stands at the highest point of the city, next to an old windmill. From there you can see all of Cáceres and its surroundings. At night the view is worth enjoying.
The Co-cathedral of Cáceres, meanwhile, was built in the 15th century and is considered one of the most important monuments of Spanish Gothic architecture. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. The cathedral has three naves and its façade includes two towers that are crowned by pinnacles. The interior has many chapels with 16th-century altarpieces.
The Plaza de Santa Maria is located near the Cathedral of Santa Maria. The square was built in the 16th century and has been used as a tourist attraction ever since.
The Plaza de Santa María is one of the most beautiful squares in Spain and one of the best known attractions in Cáceres. It was built between 1520 and 1525 at the behest of Cardinal Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros, who wanted to turn Cáceres into a religious centre on a par with Toledo or Salamanca.

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