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Vigo is one of the largest cities in the Spanish province of Galicia, as well as one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Spain. It is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and at the small river mouth of the Vigo River, along with the Cíes Islands. Its historic Old Town is lorded over by its Neoclassic Cathedral, although that is not the only famous landmark you should get to know when you visit this beautiful city. 

If you do a free walking tour in Vigo (in the morning or in the afternoon) accompanied by a local guide you can get to know the city in a different, fun and unique way, since you will get to discover some of the city’s secrets on the tour, as well as its lesser-known corners. The essential places that you can’t miss are its Rías Bajas, the Samil Beach, the Galician Sea Museum, the San Sebastián Castle, the MARCO Contemporary Art Museum, the Port of Vigo, the Casco Vello, (Historic Old Town) the Hermitage of Our Lady the Guide on an overlook by the city, or the Islands of San Simón and San Antón.

The free walking tours in Vigo, all have opinions and reviews by other tourists who have already tried their tour and have shared their evaluations on both the route and the guide, so you can choose the most interesting tour for you and your schedule. 

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